Thursday, August 4, 2011

In order to be bona fide.....

Subjects, Predicates, Prepositional phrases, Proper Noun phrases.... I'm in over my head! 

No really, I am holding my own but man do I feel the strain!  English is NOT my best subject and it has been awhile since I worried what a dangling participle is!

However we are pressing on--- I am loving Rod and Staff English.

Can't. Say. That. Enough.

It is just what I always thought I didn't want!

I think I have gone so far out of my way to make things NOT "textbookish" or "schoolish" that I forget those things are not 100% bad!  They do work for some students in particular circumstances!

There are just some basics that we need to learn.  Period.

I don't believe that I HAD to start this English program this year-- I think I could have waited a while and then taught the kids everything they needed to know for English in a year and moved on.. WHY GO OVER THE DEFINITION OF A NOUN 8 Years in a row?

BUT.  My problem lies with my need to be a rule follower.

Texas asks very little of me as far as home schooling goes.  But it does ask that I teach these things... in some manner... in some capacity.

In the Leeper vs Arlington class action suit, the case law which defines home schooling in Texas, the judge ruled that you must have and pursue in a bone fide (not a sham) manner a curriculum that includes math, reading, spelling, grammar and a study in good citizenship

So I feel compelled to teach these things. (you know in a bona fide- NOT SHAMMY way)

And while the Charlotte Mason in me says be free-- nature will teach them verbs and compound verbs, infinitive phrases and the elusive direct objects.... THE classical Susan Wise Bauer in me battles to teach them to conjugate verbs, diagram sentences and find interjections everywhere they look---I do believe they learn A LOT of this simply by reading well written books.... but I also believe that they can benefit by going over the rules of grammar and spelling!  I have in the past used First Language Lessons-- which I cant say anything bad about it just wasn't a good fit for us and I struggled going through it twice over a 5 year period and hating it. I decided in order to allow myself to feel comfortable and feel like I am doing what I have been asked to do (you know in a bona fide- NON SHAMMY way) I would simply use a curriculum.

THIS year enter Rod and Staff--- textbook?  YES.

Do I mind?  NO.

It is scripted.  It has oral exercises and written exercises and it just fits us right now.

I feel as though I am meeting the criteria outlined for me by the Texas legislature and that in turn gives me a peace.  NOT that they give me peace but I just like following rules (assuming they are bona fide-- not at all shammy!)

I am doing 6th grade with Matt and Kate

and 3rd grade with Emily

LOVE IT.  The split up works perfectly!

Happy. As. A. Lark.

(and NO those are not complete sentences!)


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