Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ocean: Week 2-7

Okay so I haven't kept up with our ocean journey so much!  But here is an update!

We worked on Whales:

The kids watched Free Willy

We also watched this Whales: An Unforgettable Story

We also Oceans watched by Disney

We SAW this whale...

Next we studied Pinnipeds-- Sea Lions and Seals OH and Walrus's too!

We learned about telling the difference between seals and FUR seals.  They were able to talk about this later at Sea World and impressed their dad with their knowledge (home school non fail)

We fed sea lions at Sea World

We have also learned about TURTLES my favorite!

We watched part of the Miley Cyrus movie Last Song-- awesome sea turtle scenes!

We also watched Voyage of the Lonely Turtle

We learned about carapace (top shell) and all the different species of aquatic turtles. 

We have been waiting for Turtle: The Incredible Journey to start showing in Houston-- it is showing at one theater-- the Silverado in Tomball..... will try to squeeze the budget for this but don't know if it is a limited time showing?

Just go watch the preview and tell me you don't want to see this!  IT is from Sea World Films.

and of course our turtle books....

We have also learned about sharks and rays....
 I am AMAZED over how many different kinds there are!!!

The kids played Shark Attack

We watched Jaws-- no kidding we did not, but Matt wants to!

We want to go see SHARKS, it is playing at the HMNS imax right now-- again funds.. don't you wish money was unlimited!  We will settle for getting it from Netflix and watching it in our un-impressive, un- surround- sound TV.  :0)

The kids have also watched some of Shark Week (Emily doesn't last long)

We read lots of shark books real and fiction (so many cute stories at the libary about sharks!)

And with that you are caught up on our science--
 check in next time to see what we learn about fish and the coral reef!

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Mommy of Two said...

My favorite topic! I can't wait to do the Ocean theme with the kids :)

You know as much as I LOVED Free Willy when I was a's so cheesy as an adult. lol The Disney Ocean one is really cool, the kids (and Robbie) liked it alot!