Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visiting Nennie...

I know this is kind of weird blogging material but ... I wanted to capture the moment.
Emily got to feeling sad about Nennie the other day, Nennie was my great grandmother on my mom's side. She passed away in 2002, so Emily never got to meet her. I tell Emily that Nennie got to meet her though because she felt her in my tummy and she saw an ultrasound picture.

Well Emily feels sad that she didn't get to meet her and for some reason this hit her hard on Wednesday... so we decided to go take some flower to Nennie today...

We went and Emily picked out flowers and Matt picked out a car for Tommie (my mothers brother who died when he was young)... and we trooped off to the cemetery. It was very nice and the kids all asked to go back more often-- which we should.

My grandmother and grandfather on my dads side are buried at the VA cemetery--- I think we will go visit there one day soon too.