Wednesday, August 17, 2011

News alert....

This December we are going back to Florida!

  It was totally not on our radar-- I mean I wanted too badly but it just wasn't in our plans.  We are not staying on property and it will be a "less" trip than last time, but we are STILL very excited!  How much we do will depend on how much we can save between now and then! At this point we are talking about Disney, Universal.. we have passes to SEA WORLD, so tickets there are pretty inexpensive!  These things may or may not happen how I want.. at the least we have a week in Orlando at a beautiful resort like hotel! 

 MAYBE we will be going to Magic Kingdom

 and MAYBE we will go back to Hollywood Studios

we will be skipping Animal Kingdom


and Epcot for expense purposes...

The kids understand that we will do whatever we can pay for at the time. 


The other exciting news is that there is a LEGO LAND opening up in Florida in October.  This is the REAL Lego Land like in California with rides and everything... This is MATT's hearts desire.  Truly.  He wants to go so very badly and I felt almost BAD that we were going to Disney instead of going to Lego Land in California.. but then we found an ad in Lego magazine for Lego Land Florida!!! 

 God is so good.  I know it sounds silly that I think God would CARE about Lego Land but he DOES care about Matt and he knows how much it will mean to Matt.  It also reminds me that I really DO not need to be in charge.. I can allow God to order our steps!

BTW... Lego Land is a secret from our kids.. they don't know it exists yet!  :0)

Here are the kids at the Lego Discovery Center outside Chicago... nothing like Lego Land although cool for younger kids and they just opened one in Grapevine, Texas this Spring...

I am SO excited.  I hope that I can really buckle down and save enough over the next few months to make this a really awesome trip!  However we will be happy with whatever we get! 


Mommy of Two said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Lego Land sounds like fun :)

Sarah said...

My son is dying to go to Lego Land. He's been asking for 2 years to go to the one in CA. Now that it's opening in FL, he's asking to go there. I hope we'll be able to make it there sometime. We went to Disney last December. Love all the decorations at that time of year. Hope you have a great trip.