Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adjustment Virgin

I went to a chiropractor.


Okay so I am having all these health related problems.

Blood pressure.
Sinus Issue.
Inability to sleep.

I feel pretty much yuck.

So I went to a chiropractor.

He took X rays of my spine and neck area, and did a test of my vessels and such at all the vertebrate...

Basically I am way out of alignment. He showed me my neck and he showed me a "normal" neck. Wow!

So HE has a plan for me... a series of alignments, some nutrients (vitamins, amino acids and other stuff), some exercises for my neck and lower back.

I am glad to have a plan.

I NEED to have a plan.

Oh and he told me that the particular issues I am having are NOT related to me being fat! I mean of course my health is worse.. we are not stupid but these problems are that ANY size person can have!
So if he helps me get feeling better and I can get back on the treadmill (so to speak)... I can start losing weight again and feel even better!

DID I say I have a plan and THAT alone makes me feel better!
Well maybe we wont go that far... but I do LOVE that I have a plan...


Brenda said...

Good! I 100%, wholeheartedly BELIEVE in chiropractic care. You will feel so much better and it affects SO many things!

Glad to know it wasn't your big Bible causing the trouble. :)

Brenda said...

Strike my last comment. That wasn't funny. I really did mean I'm glad it wasn't related to your weight and I KNOW the chiropractor can get you back in alignment and you can start back on your plan.
Sorry. My sense of humor sometimes needs work!