Monday, December 20, 2010

Sharks, Santa and Simple carbs OH MY...

We had a fun Christmas outing at the Downtown Aquarium... we went to

It was neat... my mom took all the grand kids. We got greeted at the door by Santa and Mrs. Clause herself! He asked Kirsten where she was from and when she replied, "Vietnam" he said a phrase to her in Vietnamese and said that Santa knows all languages-- which I thought was cute and very sweet!

When we went upstairs we were greeted by Sharkey and Santa had magically gotten from downstairs to inside the tank in scuba gear, ! I guess Santa does all jobs too!

We did NOT get a good picture by the tank, it was crazy but I got a shot of the divers.

Next we headed to our table and the buffet... this is where the simple carbs come in to play... biscuits, croissants, pancakes, waffles, gravy...yummo! Oh and chicken fried steak!  double yum!

I had some steak, a biscuit and gravy, and an omelet made to order.

Our kids had....

Sad with all that wonderful food!  They did eat other things too, I just don't understand paying for a buffet and them eating cereal.  Maybe it's the small boxes?

The kids exchanged their Christmas gifts amongst themselves!  It was sweet time, till the end and the little one acted up.  She settled down and I got my self all calmed down from dealing with her.. but the headache that was already starting... BLOSSOMED.  So after breakfast we went by the chiropractor... I already had an appointment this afternoon- I just moved it up. I feel better!

All in all a good Christmas outing, fun was had by all.


Brenda said...

OK wait....if I start to get a headache b/c my kids are being bad I can get that fixed at the chiropractor?

Carrie Thompson said...


actually I was already getting the headache, and my blood pressure went body is being pretty darn sensitive right now...but yes it fixed it!