Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mommy and a little Daddy and Matt

*** edited***

I had this post all ready to go for Thursday, but realized I have my Through The Years post on Thursday and Friday is Christmas Eve, so I have run out of time for this post! So here it is early!

Kate had gone home with Amy and I got a face book post from a wonderful friend Jennifer, who shared an awesome coupon!

So with having only two kids, Dave and I decided to splurge on one adult meal and water!  We are big spenders here!

That would be MATT trying and LIKING Ranch dip!

The next day Kate was still gone and Matt was not feeling well so Emily and I kind of got to spend the day together!  I spent a lot of the day cleaning but took time to teach Emily how to wrap presents!

Then we had a play dough time...

And a tea party, but she was watching Larry Boy at the same time so we called it a TV TEA PARTY!

All in all a good day, didn't get all that was on my list done but THIS was a great day!

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