Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up-- Week 15

SO here is my WHAT I DID THIS WEEK post: go see what everyone else did at Weird Unsocialized Home Schoolers...

Which is good since I actually DID stuff! YEAH!

We accomplished Bible, math, First Language Lessons, Writing with Ease, Handwriting and Kate worked on her writing assignment. Our school day got cut short because I lazed around with Daddy who was off work, we ran some errands and had to pick up the truck and deliver the jeep back to the IN LAWS-- (thanks for letting us borrow the jeep IN LAWS!!!) But we did still get a lot done!

We also got all the Fall stuff put away and the Christmas stuff was ALL in my living room... waiting! The tree was UP but undecorated, so that got put on the agenda for Tuesday..

We also started our Advent wreath (lighting the first candle) on Sat and read our first Christmas story of the season!


My week went slightly downhill from there but we did accomplish  some school and decorating and house upkeep for the most part.

Emily got to ring the bell on Tuesday at her class... she did a handstand/ carwheel dismount off the high beam... WHOO HOO!  Her cartwheels need a LOT of work but because this turns into a dismount off the side of the beam she is able to do it nicely!  She was so excited to ring the bell!

Kate loved on her hamsters alot! 

Wednesday--- Kate had volleyball which mom took her to, so I stayed home and  I finished up the laundry and Matt and Emily worked on Math.  I also got a fair amount of spelling done with them..

doubling L's, F's and S's
We will finish up Level one of ALL ABOUT SPELLING before December is over and be ready to start ALL ABOUT SPELLING level 2 after the New Year!  YEAH!

We spent all of Wed evening, actually into Thursday morning helping get Brett and Amy's office space ready for a fire inspection and the Grand Opening on Saturday!  We were exhausted!

Matt, Kirsten and Emily in the theatre room at the office.

Thursday--- we slept in of course, I ended up getting up at 8:00 though so I took the opportunity to grocery shop minus kids! 

We took daddy to work, left for Volleyball and went straight to my hair appointment in Pasadena afterwards... from there we did a Walmart trip and went to pick up daddy.. When we got home it wsa 6:00, I had not been home ALL day!  YUCKO... but my hair looks good!  So needless to say NO school today!

Friday--- we actually slept in today too becasue Dave was going into work after lunch! 
But got up and going before 10:00. 

The kids got Bible, spellling, Writing with Ease, First Language lessons and handwriting done.

NOTICE on the bottom of the worksheet on the picture, there are TWO tear drops.  This worksheet reduced Emily to tears.  NOT THE NOUNS, but because I made her sound out TRAIN and TRACKS.  She was hysterical. BRENDA... this is a plea for help.  :)  She sounds out fine and can READ, but she SAYS she cant so she wont sound out a word OR purposefully sounds it out wrong.  I am at the end of my rope with this.  


If she could not or had a learning disability I would be totally cool... but she can!  ARRRRGGGG.

  We broke for lunch and watched two episodes of PUNKY BREWSTER...  it had a lot of references to sexual things in it, which I DO not remember....  we will keep watching and if it doesnt get better we will stop, the kids are enjoying it and probably dont get the references anyway.  It is like dead pan humor.

After lunch and Punky, we worked on math, states stuff and made appetizers for Kates volleyball party tonight.  We also finished putting out the Christmas decor and put all the boxes away.  So finally the house looks Christmassy! 

We had a few conversations about chores which are not getting done very nicely... I am NOT finding a system and I dont know what to do.. I am really struggling with this.  So I am up for suggestions...

Anyhoo that was our week in a nutshell..

Did I say my hair looked good??


Lynda said...

Your hair does look good. lol It looks like you had a wonderful week.

Brenda said...

The only thing I can think of (besides smacking) is to grab the letters you use for spelling and put them on the table in front of her. Take away the worksheet. Have her break the word up TR AI N. You haven't done AI in level 1 yet, but if she knows it from another word, fine. If not, make another word above hers like PAIN. Tell her, "this says pain b/c the AI says long a". Is there an AI in your word? Yes? Then that says the long a sound. Let's read the word now TR AI N. Give her the worksheet back and have her find that word. Do they match? (Just like ETC). Yes? Great. Read on. Does train make sense in the sentence? Great.

Vickie said...

Wow! Your hair does look good! I am happy to see your smiling face on your blog for a change.

Anonymous said...

Your hair does look great. I had totally forgotten about Punky Brewster. I used to watch that and don't remember the references you're talking about either. Must have went over my head back then.

Kara said...

Your hair looks great!! We're getting close to finishing AAS level 1 too. Punky, haven't thought of that show in ages!! As far as chores go, we use a "zone cleaning" system and it works pretty well for us:
It works well for their rooms too:

Mommy of Two said...

I love the hair!

Neo said...

My son has the same resistance to sounding out words verbally, even though he has been reading independently since summer. In his case it's the stress that he gives himself because he doesn't want to 'look bad' in case he gets it wrong.... Still, we persisted and he's getting better at not being overly self-conscious now. Good luck with your daughter!

wdworkman said...

The Christmas decorations look great. We just started getting ours out. In response to your question about 'Spy For The Night Riders', I would say that it's late elementary/middle school reading level. They do talk about people being burned at the stake as punishment in the 1500's, but it's something that could be skipped over if you're reading it aloud to little ones.
Janet W