Monday, December 6, 2010

Taste of Texas

So out in the worldly world... Santa comes but Once a Year.

In the Thompson household... Taste of Texas Comes but once a year!

We started going out for a nice family meal when Kaitlin was little. 
Mom, Dad, Amy Brett, Kirsten, Brian, Allison and all of us will be there...

THIS is one of MY favorite family traditions.

We have eaten at many places throughout the years but a few years ago we started going to


The restaurant is SO beautiful, dressed up for Christmas, nutcrackers, sleighs, a Department 56 village.  Almost every picture in the place gets replaced in the winter with a Christmas theme!  It is a magical place.

Magically expensive.  We budget for this and make it a huge priority, because I don't want to worry about money when I am sitting at that table...So in September a few of my main priorities were saving for Christmas, Little Rock and Taste of Texas, Oh and gettin' my "DO" done!   To make you understand how serious I was about Little Rock and Taste of Texas and my hair gettin' done.... after certain financial THINGS came up I am not shopping until the 15 of Dec.  See I have priorities!  I mean there is ONLY so much money to go around, right?

So back to budgeting for this meal... I don't want to think.. Gosh if we all don't order soda's we will save $15.00 dollars!   Do y'all do that?

So after Thanksgiving, like every other restaurant The Taste of Texas blesses those who buy Gift CARDS, but it is the best deal around!  Buy 100.00 dollars in gift cards, get 25.00!  Not no stinkin'  measly 10.00!  So we of course take part in this deal, and you can use it NOW!

Anyway, tonight is the night!--- actually today is the late afternoon.  :)     I have gift cards in hand, I will not dress up the children (we have relaxed on this the past couple of years and gotten less and less dressed up!) and head on down I10 towards one of the best parts of my year!

I don't know why I like it so much... spending money eating out is actually hard for me.  I tend to try to make restaurant visits as economical as I can.  USUALLY.  I either make it so we share stuff or I get something less expensive to off set the hubbie... but it equals to a lot of time in ME worrying!   When we eat out.. I rarely DO not have a coupon, or a PLAN!  ISN'T that sad?  I need to chill!

I take it past being economical sometimes, I mean if I budgeted for it or I am paying cash.  CHILL OUT!


But I don't.  I just worry and regret, man there is LOADS of regret later!

I am a BUYERS REMORSE kind of girl!  Do you do that?

But regrets!  Just family, good food and fellowship...

Isnt it beautiful.. and didnt the food look great!  Yum.

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