Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up-- Week 16

Okay here is our weekly wrap up... there is a LOT more activity than there is actual schoolin' but we will say it is our "socialization" part of school... because we KNOW that is important!  Make sure to go see what everyone else did at Weird Unsocialized Home Schoolers


We went to meet Amy and Kirsten, Mom and Granny at Kirsten's home school choir ministry day. She was singing at a nursing home.  Kirsty LOO had a solo... it can be found below.  Yes, I blessed you by NOT putting the entire show on my blog, but left you with Kirsty LOO's solo.  Consider it my Christmas gift!

Next Bus Maw Ma bought us all lunch at Chick Fil La (thank you Bus Maw Ma)... yummy.

After lunch we went to see


I have extreme mixed feelings on this.

Plugged IN Online:

"At one point, the movie clearly compares Rapunzel's desire to leave her tower to a coming of age struggle with adulthood. The thief Flynn even says, "This is part of growing up—a little rebellion and a little adventure—this is healthy." But while Rapunzel is overjoyed at truly being free, she worries over the rightness or wrongness of defying the authority of her "mother." This is all handled well and could be used as a solid parental discussion point about growing up and becoming your own person."

The above paragraph is from Plugged In Online... my argument to this is that I wasn't sitting in the theatre with my 18 year old coming of age child... I was there with my 7,10 and 12 year old.  IT still sounded like they are saying... you DO not have to obey your parents... now in the movie, he was saying it and HE was being sarcastic in order to get out of taking her to the castle, but my 7 wouldn't get that. 

Also because we KNOW Rapunzel does not know that her "mother" is the bad guy.. she is simply disobeying.  I could argue she instinctively knew something was wrong... but it is definitely a jumping board for a few discussions.

The breaking out in song every few minutes is cute (annoying), the characters are great, the concept is well thought out (twist on the actual story).. the magic (is there but it is not a witch stirring a caldron- I mean you KNOW the hair is has some magical component to it but it is not the same as a spell.  I am not minimizing the magic.. just pointing out that like in plugged in it is much more like Beauty and the Beast kind of of magic then Sleeping Beauty or even The Little Mermaid.)

Monday night the kids decorated their gingerbread house--- I think Emily worked the longest and hardest on it!


We are meeting everyone at Memorial City Mall for our annual Christmas shopping trip... I KNOW we have done this since I was little, I don't actually remember a year that we didn't do this!

We picked our family from the ANGEL TREE
a brother and sister-- 10 year old boy and 4 year old girl!  We are excited to shop for them next week!


Mom took Kaitlin to volleyball, I got school work done with the young ones!  We got Bible, handwriting and First Language Lessons done.  Emily worked on some of her stuff and Matt started the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Then all school stopped because I HAD NO MORE PLANNED!  So after a freak out... I just got out my lesson plan book and started working on my lessons plans.  I re calculated my "finish dates" for some curriculum and I printed out worksheets--- TILL MY PRINTER RAN OUT OF INK.  Arggg.  I got caught up on some math grading.  But I will spend the rest of the week getting lessons plans going for the next 6 weeks (starting in on Jan 3), the rest of this week we will just do the basics!

Thankfully I has THIS to pay for a new black ink cartridge!  Yeah Staples Rewards!

Then Dave got home and I left to take Him back to work and came back home.  Then pretty much left again for my chiropractor appointment.

Then I headed back home and left right back out again to get to church.  I missed my meeting that I was rushing to that I found out later HAD BEEN CANCELED!  :)

Left church after choir practice and went to pick up Dave and went home!

WOW.  Long, busy day.  But I did get some stuff done.. just not much schoolin'.


Woke up, got Dave to work and went back home.  I got dinner going for later,

 took a shower and had the kids do chores and start some work.  Left for Kaitlin's volleyball.

 I did finish grading Matt's math at volleyball so we are caught up I think-- both Kate and Matt are doing really well right now!

When we got home from volleyball practice I made lunch and just laid down on my bed which ended up lasting 30 minutes!  Finally dragged myself off the bed and got the kids doing some school work and left for my 2nd visit to the chiropractor.

Left the chiropractor and came home to get dinner and left again to pick up Dave and head to Brian and Allison's for dinner.

Yummo dinner and dessert.. and family and fellowship!


Okay, got up and took hubbie to work, went to once again visit my NEW favorite person... Doctor Holmes!

Got back home and instead of doing school work I cleaned my house... but it was needed!  The kids did however get math, reading- with character study done, vocab, handwriting and writing with ease done!  So that is something!

Left for Amy's house for history- but don't be fooled, we had zero history planned!  We worked on our states but then we had a Christmas party because my kids were going to miss the Bayshore party which NONE of them have even mentioned!  So HMMM. 

After the festivities we headed back to the house...
The kids played, which was nice.

I ran to go get Dave.

Emily had a special Team practice so we went to the gym...

After that we went out to dinner at Hickory Hollow for Joel's birthday!  More food, friends and fellowship!

Weather in TEXAS--- shorts, leotard, skirt, long sleeve, jacket, boots, shoes and bare legs!  WHOO HOO.

So that wraps up my week.. a lot of driving around back and forth, didn't accomplish much although I did a lot!  If you are a new reader from the wrap up.. I DO not usually go out and about this much!  It will be better after the holidays!  I gotta BE at home for a while!


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

What a busy week you had! Lots of fun too!

Brenda said...

I'm tired now...WHEW!

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed spending time with you guys! Thanks again