Thursday, December 23, 2010

Through the Years Thursday... Christmas past.

Here is our Christmas past...

1998---Our first Christmas as a full fledged family Katilin was only a month and a half old, but we already had an 9 year old munchkin. It was a good Christmas that year!

Look at my pretty girls!

Sarah displaying her gingerbread nativity scene from the home school group...

1999---Sarah had come down for Kaitlins first birthday, the first time we had seen her in 6 months!  We got Christmas Pictures taken that year too.


notice the tree... just garland and no decorations.  That is how it stayed!

Christmas morning!

2000--- The year of the Baby boy!  Matt joined us in July, so he was about 6 months old when Christmas rolled around... TOO CUTE!

2001--- And NOW the year of KIRSTEN... so much waiting!  We saws her first picture in August I think and then everyone being gone and back ... it was a hard time!  But in the end we had the baby girl! 

2002--- no new additions this year... just growing up on all the kids parts!  It was a hard year though, Dave had been laid off and ...well we made it through to the other side!

2003--- My girl Emily came... talk about a hard year!  But once she got here it was all good...

2004---2004 was a hard year for us, we did lots of testing and trying stuff to help our family out, but we learned a lot and everyone grew... It was worth everything that we did and tried!

Kirsten Faith

2005--- The kids at our "mostly" annual Grandparent Gingerbread party!

2006--- I cannot find pictures of this and I have LOOKED AND LOOKED!  It was at Garner, the year we all went and camped at Cypress Springs for Christmas!  Which I would love to do again, btw!

2007---Disney world was a big deal this year.. we took our Christmas pictures here!

these were NOT happy children... we had been at the park for about 15 hours at that point... We left after this picture!  they really had been good up to this... the next picture is Emily sleeping in the stroller.

2008--- Ma Ma took us to Dallas to stay at the Gaylord Texan and to visit the American Girl Store

2009--- We had snow this year!!!  It has happened way more in the past few years than I think it ever did in my child hood, we love it!!!

And that puts us at  2010!  We are so far having a pretty good although eventful Christmas season!  How is your family!


thearmychapswife said...

This was such a great idea to do a "down through the years" post. I enjoyed seeing how your children have grown. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year!

Mommy of Two said...

Oh God I was an ugly kid!

Seriously I totally remember taking those pictures! It's really crazy to see how much the kids have grown and to imagine what it was like before they were here. I'm so glad that we have such a big family :)

Carrie Thompson said...

YOU WERE NOT UGLY! You were beautiful! We just had to tame the hair! :)

did you enjoy being an "only" child!

Brenda said...

First of all, is Kaitlin like 1 pound in that first picture? She looks like a doll.
I showed the girls the pic of Kait and Matt and Kirsten and they all agree everyone looks the same just bigger. And with more hair.

Speaking of hair, yours was LONG!

These were so cute!!! There is NO WAY I could locate a picture from every Christmas.

Carrie Thompson said...

@ Brenda.. ha, no I had just birthed her from my loins and I assure you she was NOT 1 pound! But yes she does lOOk tiny!

Yes they all look the same.. it is remarkable!

I was SOOO upset when I could not find 2006! I tore everything apart looking for it but I assume it and all its digital ness was on the laptop that was stolen? It did take some work but I think it will be well worth it in the long run! Can you imagine our childrens spouses reading our blog!!