Monday, December 27, 2010

A new semester, a fresh start!

Okay, so I am working on a lot of planning for the next 6 weeks, I am taking my friend BRENDAs example and planning for 6 weeks, after the 6 weeks we get ONE guilt free week off of school! It will not work out perfectly for us because I didn't originally plan out our year that way and we have things that will come up during those 6 weeks, but we will just do our best!

So our next semester starts Jan 3 and we will end on the date of Feb 11.  We will have one week off and start back for another 6 weeks.  I am not sure how I will work our "days that we don't get much done"... we will see how this 6 weeks go and work from there! 

We are for the most part fine schedule wise on all of our subjects.. I think we are about 1 1/2 weeks behind the original schedule I had in August.  However we have also NOT done everything so "with keeping it real" we are more behind!  I will say in my defense, somethings we have not gotten done I stopped for specific reasons.

1. it wasn't working for our family at this time.
2. we needed to focus on a more important subject more so "less" important things were left out.
3. we had family things that came up that took precedence over non critical school subjects.
4. I decided to hold off for a later time on purpose!

So this 6 weeks we will be focusing on:

Reading lists
Character Education

As a family we are focusing on:

Physical education-- health choices and fitness
Character Education
Habits (both good and bad)

We have lots of changes we are implementing.  Some of these are new changes, but some of them are things we have let slip by the wayside as life passes us by!  Do you ever do that?

So accountability is great for me and I will definitely be participating in Weekly Wrap Ups!  This often prods me to work a little more consistently and to maybe finish today instead of leaving things for tomorrow as I think on my weekly wrap up.  I also-- and here is a little bit more honesty, I sometimes MAKE sure to do something so that it is ON the weekly wrap up.  I don't mean for show, I mean TO SHOW what we are working on, where other weeks I might think OH we can do that later or we can leave that off.  So like I said it really, really helps me!

A few goals for home schooling and blogging:

to blog each and every day
to participate in the weekly wrap up each Friday
to continue my Through the Years posts to show our past
to be real and show the good AND the bad
to be kind and thoughtful
to extend grace to my children and to others
to blog about lessons I am learning
to catalog what my children are doing both in school and in growing their character
to remember that I am changing and the ideas and desires I had last year do not always line up with what I need or want now
 and to remember that everything is a season

Next post will hopefully be my "school schedule" that I am going to try and maintain for this 6 weeks.  I figure I can do or try anything for 6 weeks and then we can reevaluate!

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