Monday, December 13, 2010

Reindeer Games...

Emily's gym had a meet and it was called Reindeer Games.. I thought that was really cute!

It started out with her meet being in the afternoon so we signed up, but then it got changed to her competition time being 9:00...frustration. We thought and decided we would go ahead and allow her to still participate...we just ended up missing Sunday school but got to church! We will however not sign up for another meet on an Sunday.... we have no control over there changes and don't want to be put in that position again.

After all the drama of the time change.. the actual meet was great.

Emily did really well on the Vault.

She did fine on the bars.

But the beam... which is her best apparatus in my opinion, she ended up falling off the beam. I was SOOO proud of her because it obviously hurt her arm the way she fell (and not in the dramatic, I am hurt way), but she got right back up and on the horse (beam)! I really wanted to shout for joy because one thing we are really working on her about is BEING TOUGH in the gym. She wants to cry and be dramatic of the LITTLEST thing and we keep telling her to press on. If you KNOW Emily you KNOW how dramatic she is (DON'T KNOW WHERE SHE GETS IT FROM)... so anyway I was really proud of her!

Floor was okay, never her best skills but she is working hard on some of them in class and seems to definitely be making improvement!

She had a lot of fun and really seemed to enjoy competing for the most part. She is able to (MOSTLY) sit still while waiting her turn and that is a lot to ask the girl!

Anyway... I am proud of her for doing her best and for being happy with how she did! That means a lot to me, because she likes to be able to do things perfectly and gets VERY frustrated when she of course we are working on this too. All in all, if any thing these meets are showing me that the changes and attitudes we are working on ARE improving, which is REALLY, REALLY important for me to see. I get so discouraged sometimes!

Here is my girl...

Well the Reindeer Games are over... back to skills, skills and skills!

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Brenda said...

Well what a great skill! Learning to get a little hurt w/out the drama!!!! My niece might need to sign up for this. Every scrape is like a front line civil war amputation is taking place.