Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Superwoman, Mary or Martha...

How do you get up early and spend time with God?

Go work out at the gym?

Cook your family a nice breakfast?

Get your hubbie off to work nicely?

Get the kids ready to start school work?

Thaw stuff for dinner the next night?

Eat healthy?

I am NOT listing all that we do...
 I am just focusing on my SHOULD be or WANT to be morning routine.

Really, I mean what to do?  I need to do all those things. 

I am called to do all these things... I just dont do ALL of them well.  Apart I can handle most of them, something else might fall apart but hey...


Which one is it?

I know a combo.  If I plan well, if I do what I am supposed to, if I get in a routine, if the stars align in a z pattern across a purple sky.... well that is how I feel anyway.

I have planned, changed, tried, manipulated, changed again so many times... I FEEL fruitless.

I understand seasons, I understand occasionally things come up and we have to work it out. 

BUT daily? 

I could:

6:00 get up, dressed and head out to gym---Pray on treadmill  :)
7:30 get home, wake up kids (Dave should be up)- change OR NOT, start breakfast
8:00 breakfast
8:15 leave to take Dave to work or let him leave
8:45 get home (have kids do chores) change, bath whatever
9:10 start dinner if crockpot, do morning chores
9:40 sit down to ready for school-- kids doing chores
10:00 DO school


I GUESS IF I WAS DOING ALL THOSE THINGS LIKE I wrote down I wouldnt feel done.. that is the point... RIGHT!

I choose ME. Not Superwoman, NOT Mary or Martha all the time.

I choose ME.

God help ME to be who I am supposed to be, help me to do what I am called to do. 
Help me to wake early and accomplish EACH day what YOU would have me accomplish.  Hearing your small, still voice about what I should do.
Remembering that I need to take care of myself to take care of others.
Remembering that I make choices for myself that need to be healthy choices.
Help me GOD to KNOW that I have IN me what you need me to have the strength to do each day and give me peace in the choices I make...
Help Dave to lead our family in the right schedule and to work hard to get this family to where YOU would have us be.

We wont mention that this post was written at 4:24 in the morning, when I am still up and awake.   HMMM.


aneisa said...

I love your blog. Just wanted you to know that. :0)

Carrie Thompson said...

THANK YOU! I love yours too!!!

BTW... glad you took him to the doctor... but sorry that the surgery wont happen.. I know waiting is worrying!