Saturday, December 4, 2010

I dont have to... but maybe my kids think I should!

I read THIS post from See Jaimie Blog and it really, really hit home with me. I mean I am always stunned when the parents say thing like, "Oh I cant wait for Summer to be over," OR " I hate when the kids have these odd days off, it just messes up my whole week."

I do have my kids with me all the time and I am glad for it... which is the point of Jaimie's blog post but the part that hit home with ME is that I wonder... when I AM not being loving and kind,  if the kids ever wish they could just go to school to get away from ME. I mean I wonder if the kids really enjoy being with ME all day long, maybe they would like a break!

SO sad isn't it.

Sad on my part.

I know sometimes during a rant--- that we all have, do you "SEE" yourself and think STOP! But you don't? Hope I am NOT the only one!

Surely they sometimes wish they had a nicer mom. Or a more understanding mom or a mom who loves them more---when I am not showing them love.

I constantly remind myself.. grace.




Then I remind myself to BE BETTER.

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