Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bravery--- yes, I think I will take some of that!

I have a few things swirling in my head that I am not being brave about...

and in a still, quiet voice

and in a blog post

and on Facebook

and in an email


okay God, I am listening.

Do you do that?  Feel that feeling... KNOW you are supposed to do something and just DON'T. 
I mean I might as well be Jonah-- running in the opposite direction.  Well I just got fish slapped by God I.  There are 9 blogs that I read DAILY.  I mean I probably even check back a few times a day to see if they have posted!!!  Do you have any of those?  All the other ones I can live without or read occasionally. 
But of my 9 is Lemonade Makin Mamma...and today's post has once again reminded me of the reason I have her in my blog roll.....

I do need to just be brave.  I can be courageous because Christ DOES give me strength.  He will never ask me to do anything that HE will not #1 back me up in and #2 give me strength for.  Why do we run?  Why do we not put that toe in the water?  Why do we not take that first step?  Why do we not?

For me it is fear, willpower, reminders of MANY past failures and also laziness on my part!

I must be brave.  It is something that I know I CAN do.  I should do. 

I will do.

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