Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 99-100

My friend Brenda posted on facebook the other day that she was out of the triple digits... had only 99 days to go and I responded US too! We only had 82 at that point... come to find out she meant until baby was born! lol..... But really, ONLY  76 more days of this school year! Now with us pretty much schooling year round that number doesn't MEAN much but yet it means EVERYTHING!


That is a precious, precious word to a home schoolin' mama! We want to accomplish our tasks. We know we will be sidelined by life, we know that "life learning" is more important than "school" learning and we know that our kids LEARN all the time anyway... BUT checking off those days and KNOWING you have accomplished what you set out 180 days of School-- is a wonderful thing!  Can I hear an amen!

Kate had choir and Matt and Emily accomplished math, an English assignment, Bible and reading
We had history at Amy's and we surrendered at the Appomatox Court House--- a sad day for the South.

Tuesday-- 100 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We celebrated with our cinnamon pancakes! We did Bible, math, reading, All About Spelling, English, Science, typing, P.E. and Daddy took the kids out to eat at Gringoes!

Wednesday-- pretty much the rest of the week was a no school FUN zone for the kids... we were getting ready for the Father/ Daughter Valentine Dance and we ran errands for two days, made corsages, centerpieces and got stuff ready and no school was done!

Yes, that is the corsages... I made 49 at last count.   ;0)  and 22 boutineers. 

one ex. table decor-- simple vellum cut to make a lampshade over a glass holding a tea light--- SO SIMPLE.
Thank you Pinterest!

However, in the midst of all the errand running... Kate and Matt got ALL their reading caught up and FINISHED the elusive Sing Down the Moon assignment--
and were happily  allowed to watch Kung Fu Panda on Saturday morning!
So we start Monday with a fresh slate!

Thursday-- like I said MORE errands!  But Kate and Matt had their Dave Ramsey class and we went shoe shopping!  Kate ended up with these...

we ran out of time for a pedicure--- I was bummed. BUT I could only do so much, right!

Friday--ALL day was spent on the "BALL" as Emily kept referring to it... we had much to gather and ready at home.  We had two last minute errands to do. We met at the church at 3:00 for set up, rushed home at 5:00 to ready the girls, rushed back at 6:15 to finish set up and all was well in time for the 7:00 dance!

My blog post for the dance shall post tomorrow-- for a certain grandma who is waiting for it! I emailed you a few pictures to stall you off till tomorrow!

We dragged in with all our gear at 10:30----Mama is tired.  :0)


After sleeping till 10:00~ remember, I was tired!  We got up, worked on the house-- that had gotten messy, but I will say took 20 minutes to clean up and that makes me VERY happy!  I feel that means things were OUT of place- not cluttered!  Make sense?  More on that later!

We did a few things around the house.

Had Brenda's hubbie from Earth Effects--- his lawn care business! come give us a quote for some lawn stuff!
Who did a fabulous job on our last house, when he re-did the front beds!!!

Mom dropped Matt off-- he got to spend the night away from the "Ball".

Becky and Joel dropped off Mary Faith to spend the night-- Happy Anniversary Becky!

and we settled in for a late afternoon of nothingness!

Dave got called to work and spent the rest of the evening on the computer..{{{sigh}}}

We had breakfast for dinner. Yum!

and Dave and I previewed REAL STEEL for the kids to watch.  a few cuss words- a**, D*mn, one b*tch. ...  some more noticeable than others.  a scene of scantily clad woman (bikini top) but really your paying attention to the fight-- and a dress later that is pretty skimpy but NOT revealing.  And there is of course a lot of betting/ gambling over the "bot" fights.  Overall-- a really good movie-- wish they had left out the few cuss words, that they TOTALLY could have!!!

photo credit IMBD
review Plugged IN Online

And that was that!

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