Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The things I never knew about a crockpot...

Okay-- my eyes have been opened...I have ALWAYS been a LOVER of the crockpot, but only thought I could use it for what the other blogger deems" mush meals" ha!-- stuff all thrown in together, a roast, chili and of course cheese dip!!!

So if you own a crock pot-- or THREE like myself.... Or four like Jennifer at the Coplings Hobbit Hole--- read on sister.... it will change your entire idea of crock pots and if you knew alll this and haven't posted it  yet

SHAME on you!

Go read this, this and this!  and get back to me!

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Jennifer said...

My name is Jennifer, and I have a crockpot obsession.....

I just bought another one... damask, for target.. a pretty target.