Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 94-98


This is the Monday that I take Kaitlin to choir so we had a late start and I got stuff done around the house and left for choir at 10:00 after choir we headed to Amy's house for history!  We left Amy's around 3:30 and ran to Kroger's for a few groceries, got home cleaned up.. made dinner... and that was that!


I spent some of the morning on the phone.  I spent some of the morning DEALING with things.  I spent some of the morning running errands in the rain-- Hobby Lobby, Walmart. Later we went to the American Heritage Girls meeting to teach them how to make corsages.... we left the meeting about 3:30 and headed to the library to turn in the LAST book I can POSSIBLE find in the house which brings my fine down to a still whopping 80.00. (EDITED TO SAY: when I unpacked Emily's LAST box we found ONE more lost book... YEAH!--  Yes, I know.)  BTW.  The librarian told me that the library doesn't even GET our fine money it is put in the general fund and could be used for ANYTHING!  Not very happy about that!  I digress!  We got home and truth be told I laid down!  However at 6:45 Kate and I left to run to Half Price Books because she had one of those gift cards that expired Jan 31--- can't waste those, and we went by moms to show off Kate's Valentines dress....

Did any of you happen to notice how no school other than history got done in those two days?  Just thought I would NOTE that!


We got up, got going, did chores, realized I desperately need to go to the store-- clipped all my coupons and started a list!  But never got to the store that day!

We went upstairs for school and busted a little bit out!

We did three, yes-- count them three steps in All About Spelling!

Kate and Matt did English and we checked it and then did another lesson... MEAN MOMMIE!

Emily did some reading and Typer Island.

Then mommy sent the kids downstairs for lunch and started researching The Ludwig von Mises Institute‏
because a bunch of home schoolers I know were taking an economics course there and I was curious.... (yes, I know it is a sickness)  anyhoo.. I must have laid my head down on my desk because I woke up and hour and a half later! (edited: to say NO Brenda I am NOT pregnant!)  --- never did eat lunch either!

we did chores, and left for church... came home and that was it!


We had a field trip today-- left early to go pick up a friends kids, got almost there and got the call that they didn't need to be picked up.. SOOOO turned around!  Anyway, I headed for the museum so we could look around before our exhibit time but by the time we actually got there and looked at the suck zone gift shop and ate lunch... it was time for me to deal with field trip people so we had to save our looking around for AFTER our exhibit time! I picked up a few civil war school necessities extra stuff that I don't really need but they are sooo cool, and found a cute shirt for Emily for 4.99 but the real winner was this shirt for Kate and Matt....

is that not the cool.. For you unlearned people it means Force = mass times acceleration!  Physics, baby!
@ Jennifer Coppack-- HOW Geeky can we be?!?

Our exhibit time rolled around and I got everyone into the exhibit....Discovering the Civil War

 it was wonderful!!!!  So much information-- no pictures allowed!  But wow, just reading everything... all the documents were authentic except for the Emancipation Proclamation. That authentic document will be on exhibit the 16th-21 but I thought it would be too busy then to really get to enjoy the exhibit!  Well, I made a good call-- they said there had been over 10,000 tickets sold?  HOW is that even possible!  On one day the guide said there were supposed to be 1600 students.  AKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! 


Whoop, whoop... lunch out with the girls-- child free.  Yes, you read that right.  I had lunch out with 3 COUNT that 3 other moms (all home schooling moms, BTW) with NO kids.  GLORIOUS!  We are a ruckus-- Chili's will kick us out one of these days! 

Dave got to work from home till I got back and I had written the kids assignments to which every 20 minutes he was supposed to yell up at them SWITCH and they would move on to the next assignment.  It worked well so the kids got some school done!

After that Dave went to work and I checked on some of their work, finished my coupon sorting and made my list for the store-- pulled my Q's and we took off in the POURING rain to go across town for errands.  We got back to this side of town around 6:00 and headed to the grocery store-- yes, I know.  We LEFT the grocery store at 7:30 with Two carts!!!!!!  Drove to Little Caesars, picked up dinner- because I just left the grocery store with over 300.00 dollars worth of sustenance- and went home!  MOMMA was DONE.

We put away all the groceries, ate our almost cold pizza and I put on Law and Order while the kids watched Pinky and the Brain (you know for science lesson!). 

Hubbie was still not home at this point.  Made for a long, long day!

Saturday-- we slept in with the rain until a late, late 7:45!  Couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried... bugger!  We did some chores, messed around a lot-- accomplishing NOTHING. 

Vickie brought Matt's new rifle, they had picked up for us at the gun show-- VERY exciting!  Matt was beyond excited!

The kids played RISK-- almost ALL day.  Kate is the new ruler of the world!

I left to go back across town to help Amy at the Home School Store and well WHO ever says no to a trip to the Home School Store!  BTW, drove again in the rain... just sayin'!

Came home, mom and dad came over to help us shock the pool so that it is blue instead of GREEN!  Now minus the leaves it looks PURDY again!  We need to work on the backyard and deck soon-- I have ignored it...

We worked upstairs-- unpacked Emily's LAST three boxes (seriously the girls had like 20) and her room is squared away!  We attempted to work in Matt's room (big discussions must be had).  Next we worked on the school room and I just had to put away all the books I had bought over the last few days... {{{SIGH}}}

I cleaned out the kids school boxes and well lets just say that DADDY got brought into the conversation and the hammer came DOWN!  He grounded Kate and Matt for an entire week from electronics and they are allowed zero free reading until their school reading list is caught up.  (normally we have no problem with reading but this particular last few weeks we are having issues).  In the mix of issues is the fact that their Sing Down the Moon assignments are STILL not done... and they couldn't find the assignment sheet, Matt couldn't find his folder (which holds what he had done), they didn't know where the book was.. and on and on and like I said the hammer came down!  Dave was UPSET. 

We had a busy week-- not full of school, but still full of learning. 


Brenda said...

So all I want to know is...did you drool on the desk when you were sleeping?

H-Mama said...

we are so out of the geeky loop over here... i'll blame it on the fact that i have no boys. beau doesn't count. but i won't tell him that. ;)