Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 101-105

Another week.....can you believe that it is the 3rd week of FEB already!  Anyhoo... my mom got Kate for choir, I was supposed to pick her up but got sick -- so mom just brought her home.  I was feeling better that afternoon and the kids got basics done, math, history reading, devotions and PE I think...

Happy Valentines Day!  I was still feeling pretty awful but managed to get a tiny bit of school done.  The kids and I worked their boxes for the valentine party for our home school group- and we managed chores.

We set a beautiful table for daddy-- candles, plates, tableclothes and made peanut butter cookies w/ chocolate hearts in the center for dessert. 

But alas I have no pictures as my SD card broke IN TWO in the lap top and I cannot retrieve the pics off it-- Thankfully those were the only pics on it though becasue I had already copied the father/daughter dance!

but Dave got me two beads for my bracelet!  a turtle and a turquois bead.....

the kids did THEIR chores, mamma didn't do ANYTHING this day!  They each did math, devotions and read.  However around 11:30 I called movie day and we watched- Tangled, The Never Ending Story and Journey to the Center of the Earth...

I slept in as well as Kate and Emily and we didn't get up till almost 10:00!  But got finished with our valentines we started on Tuesday and worked on cleaning the house.

Their boxes and the valentines to hand out....




After lunch we headed out for our valentines party with the home school group and after that we went to the park with a friend and just vegged out.  However I had to be feeling better because I came home and cooked... plus we headed to moms to drop something off!  However when I got home.. I was completely wiped out!

 to make up for the "mostly" lack of schooling this week... we hit the books hard.  The kids each did math, devotions, read, Rod and Staff reading, typing,
we started out new vocabulary---

we also started our new Artist study: Mary Cassatt (art work Poppies)

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We have posted the next set of readers for history
Matt and Kate also started a new assignment on Rifles for Watie!-- This wont take so long!

Emily is doing a lapbook on the American girl Josephine so she is starting her Josephine bookset today.

So it was a pretty full school day.  I went upstairs and downstairs-- schooling and cleaning because I had people coming over in the evening and the house needed cleaning!

I also gave them each two math assignments to do over the weekend.. I figured might as well-- and they have a paragraph to write about the skating party-- our final draft will be in the shape of a heart- FUN!

And that is ALL!

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Brenda said...

Their valentines are so cute! We didn't get any of those in our boxes?