Monday, February 13, 2012

Father/ Daughter Valentine Dance 2012

sweet. precious. excited. giggles. blush. pink. hearts. small hands in larger ones. thoughts of time passing quickly. red roses. pinned corsages. ribbon, balloons. tea lights. music. tights. satin. bows. boutineers. smiles. "ball". cameras. heart notes. dimmed lights.

 cookies and cakes. Mary Jane's. little shoes atop big shoes. dance floor. open hearts.

 expectant little girls. ruffles. jewelry. blush. updo's. heels. jackets. lipstick. curls. lavender. candles. tulle. hopes. time passing. dancing. laughing. cheek to stomach. hands.

 hoping time stands still. earrings. hairspray. perfume. painted toes. undivided attention. songs to remember. sparkles and braids. glitter. chocolate. strawberries. beautiful.

first dance. daddy's girl. spinning. twirling. twisting and shouting. ties. necklace. silver.