Thursday, February 23, 2012

LOOK at me...

Honestly what on Earth do you do when you have talked to your kids a hundred times about something and they will not comply? 

I am yelled today.  I am a "really loud talker, and I can be sarcastic when I shouldn't and I can even be mean" but I don't yell very often.  Now I yell up the stairs or across the house... but I mean I YELLED with them sitting two feet from me.

I really don't do that. 

But really I am teaching a lesson.  They have to listen.  Period.

Why is this so hard?  Do they not understand that a lesson takes 10 minutes unless you add a 30 lecture onto it!  I have asked that while I am speaking for the 10 minutes that they look at me and pay attention. 


Am I asking too much?  Is it wrong?  When you are teaching an actual subject do you not need them to pay attention?  Is this not "expected" in other schools by other teachers also?  Is this unusual? 

I don't want to yell.  However I do want them to pay attention for the 10 minutes.  Period.  I have punished, I have talked, I have reminded, I have trained, I have been backed up by Dave, I have done all I know!

I guess harsher punishment is it. Last time it was during a spelling lesson and I didn't say a word- I stood up wrote 10 words on the board, said to copy them 5x each and write a sentence for each of them. BUT it didn't actually get the lesson done---- it was just busy work!  I don't have time for busy work, we are schooling for HOURS in a day if we do everything. Which is fine I suppose but I don't JUST want busy work- you know what I mean!

I am not burned out-- I am totally gung ho school right now!  I am like LETS GO!  But I am getting frustrated with little things because they are keeping me from my easy goal of getting DONE.

I am adding two subjects IN this week... Yes, that means MORE school work.  Now when I say we are schooling for HOURS in a day if we do everything I mean HOURS.-- this is NOT every day.  To tell the truth the kids rarely complain.  I mean we can be in the school till 5:30 and they just dont gripe at me... this is not about them not wanting to do the work exactly it is just them LOOKING me in the eye so that I know they are paying attention so that I am not wasting my time.

Kaitlin whom I love an adore and is generally a people pleaser often drifts to another land during a lesson.  I have to ground her.  I don't know how to do that unless her eyes are firmly attached to my face.

Do you?

Emily my "SQUIRREL" girl just gets distracted by... well anything- so again I need her EYES firmly attached to my face.

Matt can listen to me, learn ---and also fight alongside the entire Rebel army in his mind, whilst buiding a catapult to decimate the multitudes of Romans laying seige outside the city walls (a seperate mind act).....however I feel if the other two have to firmly have their eyes trained on me, so should he.

Also I feel it is simply a sign of respect to look at who is speaking!

So what is a girl to do-- besides yell!

(edited: not really edited to you since I didn't post, but edited becasue I actually wrote it on the 7th.  I don't feel the problem is getting all that better-- so I humbly come to ask if ANY of you have suggestions?)


Brenda said...

OK--a few questions. Just to think through this with you.

How many subjects a day require you to "teach a lesson" to them? i.e. lecture?

And we're talking about 10 min. at a pop---or sometimes more?

And also, are they always all together? Or do you have one on one time with them during the day too?

Sweetheart zones out in group situations but does GREAT one on one. Not always possible, but when I do things with them together, they often fiddle with stuff while I talk. I don't make them look right at me the whole time BUT they better be able to answer a question. I don't know....

aneisa said...

I am sorry I don't have any great advice. Ginger has been making parenthood a challenge lately as well. Hugs to you dear friend!