Monday, August 13, 2012

Art: Louis Comfort Tiffany

We are now learning about Louis Comfort Tiffany...he was an artist in every sense of the word--- I sometimes think the fact that HIS art is useful... it is even better!  One of my favorite pieces at the MFAH is a Tiffany piece..A Wooded Landscape in Three Panels

so beautiful.  You can almost hear the stream gurgling over the tiny pebbles, in the still, quiet forest.... the lavender, blues and greens are extraordinary.

Did you know that Mr. Tiffany started an education foundation for students of Oyster Bay, Long Island and left a million dollars in the fund as well as his ENTIRE collection of paintings, glass and other art objects?  In addition he left his home and 80 acres of land to the foundation!
 He built studios and luxurious living quarters and every summer invited fifty artist, from all parts of the country to work there at his expense. The house Laurelton Hall was of course the envy of all the beautiful old mansions in the area.... but three years after his death in 1933 the house was abandoned by the foundation, looted and mostly destroyed the house burned a few years later... terrible! A lot of things were saved and taken to the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida.

Not for the kids but after my research I am totally reading THIS book.... Clara and Mr. Tiffany

The kids also studied some of his different stained arts pieces from this book

we watched Biography: Tiffany: the mark of excellence

It told the whole life story of Charles Tiffany and Louis Comfort Tiffany and was very interesting!

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