Monday, August 27, 2012

Choir Camp 2012

Kaitlin has waited all year long to go back to camp!  Finally the day arrived and we left for Trinity Pines along with Amy, Brett and Kirsten (who has moved up to Junior Singers).  Kirsten got to stay in the dorm with Kaitlin and I... such a trooper (even ad mist a few bugs and ants!)  We had a VERY busy two days of singing, fellowship, eating, singing, fellowship, eating, swimming, playing games, singing, fellowship, eating.. and guess what singing! 

The girls were together on GREEN team!  GO GREEN!  They had to come up with a song, poster and had points accrue for wins during games, getting back to practice on time.. how many items of THEIR team color they could possibly wear!  Just fun!

Trinity Pines has added a beautiful water feature since we were there last year.. these pictures in NO way do it justice.  I could have sat outside there all day long... it was gorgeous!  I would love to plan a group trip there (I cant really call it camping since there are dorms and a cafeteria and everything).

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