Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our New Art Curriculum 2012/2013

This year I am excited to study the Impressionist.  Last year, we studied American painters, but there was a huge mix of genres and types.  I wanted to be a little more thorough this year and study more in depth.  Picking a single style of painting will allow me to expand their knowledge on it and build on that all year long.  I love this style of art and it may well be my favorite... I mean who doesn't like Monet, Renoir or Van Gogh.  I don't think the world would be the same place without a The Starry Night, Sunday Afternoon on the Island, Blue Dancers or Waterlillies....

I am starting with using this from the Brook Museum.  We will use their vocabulary list and of course read

here is a short review.

We will also use parts of this lesson plan from Minnesota Marine Art Lesson
Here are the links to different paintings...

I also purchased this beautiful book...The Usborne Introduction to Art
(this has all genre's but is a good resource)

and this coloring book for them to color the different works of art, too...

A WONDERFUL resource is Practical Pages... she has note booking pages, activities, information!  SO MUCH! 

We will be using Practical Pages for the ARTIST of the Month--Impressionist Artist Charts
We will also be using Practical Pages Artist Mini books...
We will also be using Practical Pages Black line Notebooking Pages for more information...
We will also be using Practical Pages Blank Notebooking pages to map where the artist comes from (birth, most lived area and place of death).....

I also plan on using the Anholt's Artists Series by Laurence Anholt for other readers.

Along with countless other books for each artist as we come upon them!

Here is the plan for which artist we will study each month:

September: Edgar Degas
October: Camille Pissarro
November: Georges Seurat
December: Vincent Van Gogh
January: Claude Monet
February: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
March: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
April: Paul Signac
May: Mary Cassatte

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Julie said...

Thank you for this. I may give it a shot, too. I love Renoir. And Monet. Trying to stretch our limits a little this year as well.

Miss you.