Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 1-28 year 2012-2013

We have been summer schooling since May 22 This review takes me through August 3.... even with all my stuff going on I have tried to be so diligent to get school done!  We have managed to get 28 days done so far!  We have worked on math, Latin, spelling with the girls, finishing up our history, BIBLE, memory work, English, some art....

our current memory verse

the girls working on English

Emily and MF wrote their FIRST story with Story Builder Cards!

Daddy helping Kate get over a hump in math!

Emily and Mary Faith's last memory verse...

MF's Subtraction.... (((sigh)))  but she GOT it!

artwork: thanks BRENDA!

Daddy doing physics with the three munchkins!  I know they look enthralled... I didnt take pictures during the DOING part!  :0)

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