Friday, August 31, 2012

Bayou Bend Museum of Fine Arts.....

We went to the Bayou Bend part of the Museum of Fine Arts today.. (((Sigh))) so beautiful....

BTW.. they had a small puzzle item of Frederic Remington (and Matt recognized both the painting and artist) and one of the ladies said they had the actual painting on display also.  So we were going to go see it because it is about to be sent off on loan... anyhoo... EMILY did remember studying him and recalled that he used bronze in his statues.. .YEAH. .I love those moments!

Okay back to our trip... We went because it was the last day to participate in their Detective Days--- kind of a scavenger hunt for clues around the garden and home... the kids did really well and learned a few things!  We did not do the garden scavenger hunt because it was TOO hot, but we spent a little time outside.. SO beautiful.. did I already say that?  Did I already sigh??? 

I managed to catch a shot of each of my kids in a shady area... and after that they were DONE!  :0)

We had a great time and it was a fabulous way to end our LAST day of "break"! 
Next Wednesday we start our new school year....
Monday is a holiday and Tuesday we have a field trip so Wednesday it is!

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