Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teacher "ish" stuff

I have resorted to more teacher "ish" stuff than I normally use the past few weeks...

 out of need.

I need to find ways to engage the kids.
I need to find ways to harness Emily's "Emilyness" for good.
I need tricks to help the kids remember.
I am one person, teaching four students, multiple subjects and I don't want to continue repeating information so UP on the wall it's going to go!
I need creativeness in a few approaches!
I need to make it over a few walls we have hit!!!

So Pinterest and I have gotten to be fast friends over the past few weeks! And I started printing last week--

one of my favorites is this:

it is helping in math for word problems.....

and another that is helping with the wiggles is this:

you roll a dice for 5 columns and do each corresponding activity in each column.  THE kids ask for it multiple times a day!  :0) Takes a few minutes and they sit right back down ON TRACK!

Another is reward charts...

The girls get a sticker for doing various things.. 100 on spelling tests, doing great on math timed tests, behaving, reading during non school times and any GREAT JOB scenario's!  Their first reward was a big one (Chuck E Cheese) and their second was pick a book at Half Price books... so we will do a few small ones like pick a candy bar- GET out of MATH today etc... and then a bigger one.  It is helping!

Implementation is proceeding slowly as to not frighten the caged animals. :0)

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