Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Sum Up: Day 29-34 year 2012-2013

We have only done a few days of school this August.. we should have gotten 9 days in, but we decided to take the last week off completely and I had a funeral.  So instead of 9 we only had 5 days...NOT much schoolin over a whole month, huh!  I am VERY ready for daily school again.  I think our three day week was nice and the kids enjoyed their days off, but if I thought it was easy to get behind during the regular year... it was even easier this summer!

Anyway.. in the past few weeks (you know our five days of schooling) we have actually gotten a fair amount done!

We finished our Frank Lloyd Wright lesson, (we had already done this artwork though)

we learned about Mark Rothko and did a few just for fun crafts...

The kids worked on finishing up their bible, history and science and logic!

We started a unit on poetry and will take that into the next years school work.

The girls worked on math, Latin, spelling, writing, English, scripture memory.

Kate and Matt made progress in English, math, Latin and logic.

This is Emily after her first time test with 100 problems on it... she had been doing one with 60 and it only had up to the 3 times table on it..  this new one goes up to the 8 times table.  No matter how many times I explain that it is going to be harder... her time will be longer (but get better) she is hysterical when we are through.. UNTIL Friday.  All she said was I had a plan mom... I did all the 1's, all the 2's and all the 3's etc... She DID cut almost a minute off her time!  So anyway.. there is progress and hopefully less of this face. (BTW, she looks like she is faking but trust me... this was true upsetness!--- I know the difference! You know FROM EXPERIENCE!)

We are DONE with American History... whewww.... and ready to take on the ancients.  We did not finish our curriculum but mama is DONE!  I will post an update on the kids reads and the last of the history curriculum.

Lesson planning and preparing this week and our next Sunday Sum up will be from our NEW school year!!! 

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