Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Curriculum Picks: 2012- 2013 School year

Okay here it is:  I know its not of THAT much interest to some of you, but for my own record book I am going to lay it out!  We are starting our 9th year of home schooling.  Kaitlin is entering 8th grade, Matt 7th grade and Emily 4th. We are really, really moving out of mommy's comfort zone and happy place this year with more independent work and different curriculum and kids spread about the house working on their own STUFF!  I know it might be needed.. but I don't have to like it!

Kate and Matt are together for almost everything.... so first I will list their like studies and then branch into any differences.

Sonlight Core G- World History Year 1

this covers literature, Bible, scripture verses for the year, History and geography (partial credit)
English-- Sonlight actually includes grammar now also, I have it and we will see about using it.. as of now we will continue with Rod and Staff though...
IEW-- Institute of Excellence in Writing Curriculum --- Student Writing Intensive B
Spelling-- review rules from ALL about Spelling Level 1... and continue with All About Spelling  Level 2 then  Level 3
Latin-- finish up Prima Latina and start Latina Christiana
Vocabulary-- Wordly Wise


Matt will be using Saxon math-- still unsure of his level as we are giving him till the end of the month to finish his Alecs program....
Kaitlin will finish up her Math U See... and start the next one!
ALL the kids will be doing an Impressionist Artist study
All the kids will use a typing program.. Typer Island and Mavis Beacon
All the kids will learn about composer a month-- still picking and working on that.
All the kids will work off our reading list: in addition to the set curriculum reads.
All the kids have individual work for 4H and Keepers of the Faith that will need to be done.
I have included some school work that would already be done this year to meet a few badge requirements.
All the kids will continue with Logic... we use multiple workbooks, work pages, games etc to meet this requirement...
Kate will also keep on with Sign Language ASL using  Life
Bible-- still not sure. 
History--will be using Mystery of History (Creation to Resurrection)
English- Rod and Staff
Spelling-- All About Spelling and Spelling Workout Press
Science-- God's Design  The World of Animals
Writing-- IEW Student Intensive A  and Story Builder Cards
Vocab-- Wordly Wise
Literature-- book club type activities with read aloud and comprehension type questions on other books along with note booking and lap books.
Math-- Emily will keep on with Math U See for now and Mary Faith will start Rod and Staff in a few weeks
Latin-- Prima Latina (and then start Latina Christiana)
Memory work-- scriptures (mostly from ESV translation a little easier to understand), poem work, finish Books of the Bible, finish Presidents (if not done), States and Capitols (if not done)  and misc.
copy work/ dictation--- (mostly through MOH), scripture, and quotes.
and I feel a little crazy just writing it all out...


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