Friday, August 24, 2012

Days like this....

Wednesday morning I woke up and I felt cheerful... kind... not at all weary or in a bad mood.


It went downhill from there.

I made breakfast, Matt had an incredibly bad attitude (one that mommy has repeatedly reminded him that I am very-much-over-thank-you-very-much).... it seeped into every family members pores....

No one did their chores... in fact they acted as if possibly they had never before in their lives even DONE a chore... or knew that they even HAD chores to do (something that mommy has repeatedly reminded them that I am very-much-over-thank-you-very-much)

The cable/ Internet didn't work. (at&t: something that mommy is very-much-over-thank-you-very-much)

The dryer wouldn't heat... and the day went downhill from there.

No, actually we had a decent school day after mommy grounded said children from everything except breathing for 3 days basically.  Matt asked if they could play rock- paper- scissors.  I allowed it.

Thursday morning....I woke up and felt cheerful.... kind... not at all weary or in a bad mood.


The kids seriously did not do their chores (which we have not dealt with because we were gone from 9:30-10:30 at night).  I have no words right now.. but I DID spend time reading my bible last night which might be why I was capable of waking up cheerful... kind... not at all weary or in a bad mood.

Anyhoo... So we left for the laundry mat at 9:30 because OF COURSE I had just put all MY sheets/ comforter/ bedding in the washer 10 minutes before Dave said it didn't work.  I also already had the load in the dryer --- that wasn't drying... SO off to the laundry mat we went...

From there we drove to 610 and Kirby to the Sears Auto Center shop to get the part that is going to make my dryer go!

It is permanently closed BTW.

From there we drove from 610 @ Kirby to 517 @45 in Dickinson...


From there we drove to La Porte to meet at a friends house and play (although the children are grounded from all but breathing, and they still didn't do their chores I let them play at a friends house....see how benevolent I am.)

But before I even reached her house... we stopped (after getting a Sonic drink NOT EVEN AT HAPPY HOUR) to rid the van of trash and when we got back in the van.. IT WOULD NOT START.

So friend and her hubbie came gave me a jump... we got the van to her house-- her hubbie charged it on his battery thing a bob... all is well (you know until I have to go purchase a new battery today so that I don't have to worry every time I get in the van if it will START or NOT)

We had a nice visit.... breathed a sigh of relief.  Drank my sonic tea.. ALL WAS WELL.

Left her house (the van started.. YEAH)

Picked up Sarah and drove across town to I10 and Highway 6 IN TRAFFIC.... for our robotics training class and Kaitlin and Emily's livestock judging practice (thankfully on the same night!)

We were there a couple of hours.... GREAT TIME HAD BY ALL!

Drove home... dropped Sarah off in La Porte.. Drove back to Pasadena...

I DROVE 179 miles. (something that mommy is very-much-over-thank-you-very-much)

The dryer works BTW.


Lisa said...

Wow. Quite a couple of days you've had! I'm hoping for you that the weekend is relaxed and enjoyable!

Brenda said...

We need a new week.