Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dangerous thoughts and the truth....

This was posted on a friends Facebook status:


I cannot stop thinking about it.

You know whatm I have read The Feminine Mystique
by the way.. if you read it make sure to have another book like


to counteract the UNTRUTHS!!!!!!

A bored, unfulfilled women who didn't know GOD made up this term

 “the problem that has no name”—

and put a name to it.


and it was ON GIRLS!

Oh how mistreated all these poor housewives were.. I mean they HAVE to stay home, they are forced to remain under their husbands rule.... made to slave away in the kitchen and forced to look perfect all the time whilst making their husbands look perfect all the time too.

the truth was there were PLENTY of independent women and happy home makers (well less after she STIRRED the pot and confused the masses with her lies)

but she was just a left wing, communist loving... enabler of a movement that needed women behind it.  She mixed fantasy with reality (reality she was unhappy in her life and choose to believe every other woman must also be) and proceeded to set in motion the existence for women that today has shaped itself into a man hating ( or completely NON MAN needing) identity bent on world domination.  ( over kill but yet true--- listen to Hilary Clinton, Oprah, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, MARIA Shriver, Diane Sawyer---need I go on.)

It's Pinky and the Brain with Estrogen!

She did it guys.  Well it needs to be undone!  The fact that my Facebook friend would post this thanking her mom for NOT being this way is outrageous!  I mean really.  It is so twisted and distorted that it would be funny if it weren't so serious! 

Do I believe men should OWN women and women should have zero say.. etc.  NO, but again if we were living in an age where people would Fall to their knees and repent before GOD.. if were living in an age where people looked at the BIBLE for a Biblical picture of marriage.. if we were living in an age where men loved their wives as much as themselves and treated them accordingly and where wives submitted with glad hearts to husbands who loved them and looked to GOD for guidance... WE MIGHT NOT BE IN THIS MESS.

I understand that not all people are going to be like this and marriages are bad and MEN are not always kind.  I do truly!  But I also know that you choose who you marry and you can make that choice based on biblical principles.  AND for the instances where divorce meets biblical standards GOD has made room for a women to leave a marriage of abuse.

We need to stand up ladies.  WE need to train up our girls in the truth because this worlds agenda hits them with EVERY news article, every TV show, every movie, every book... most of their friends and their friends mothers.. LADIES at your church and even your pastors wives who DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE yet.  It is terrifying.

But God is in control.

My Son and Daughter's Steps are ordered by HIM.  I will train them up in the way they should go.  I will lend their ears to BIBLICAL truths and I will teach them YOUR ways when they are coming and when they are GOING.

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Brenda said...

Yep--we need to train them to recognize feminism just like we would teach them about advertising. They need to know what it is and the biblical truth behind it to recognize what is right and wrong.