Monday, August 30, 2010

My day of rest and relaxation....

So my wonderful mother in law... came on Saturday and rescued me!

She took my tired feet (desperately in need of a pedi, it have been, well a long time) to the nail salon...

Here are the pretties!

Before and after shots!

Next we headed to La Madeline's where I ate things so far gone from a diet food list that I actually ENDED UP IN FRANCE...


Spinach Quiche

Chocolate croissant


Next for the shopping... I was on a mission to find a new purse!

I have a large purse but inside the different compartments aren't enclosed... so everything falls to the bottom and YOU CANNOT GET TO ANYTHING! The reason I was carrying it was the keep the kids stuff in for church. So after trying numerous bags at Charming Charlies (love that store!) Vickie convinced me that the kids are old enough to carry their own stuff and to just get a pretty! It didn't take much convincing! No really I still wanted one big enough to carry my own Bible and notebook....


We ended up with this one!!! ISN'T the color (which is not done justice in this shot, beautiful!)

Oh and I might have accidentally ended up with another one too! OOOPPPS. It was too pretty to leave at the store!

This is a beautiful gray soft purse--- this doesn't look as good either!

Thank you Vickie for a wonderful day (which included a diet coke from SONIC)

I felt relaxed and refreshed!

this is me the next day sportin' my new purse!

Yall don't see many pictures like this of me, because I DONT TAKE THEM. 
 This was a rare, rare occasion!

BTW... the sun glass thing takes care of "weird eye" situation!

Now back on the food and non coke bandwagon for me!


Mommy of Two said...

LOVE it! Very cute purses and great picture of you! Love you!

aneisa said...

Ok, as a photographer I am DYING to take some pics of you and help you get some shots that you will love w/o that so called weird eye thing you think you have! *HAHA*

Vickie said...

I had a wonderful day with you! I am so glad you are happy with your purses. Thank you for asking me. Love you bunches!!