Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Early American History Curriculum-- Week 1

Although all of you might not be interested in this topic I think I will use the blog and list out each of our assignments and books used. This way I will have a really neat memory and it will be ready for someone else to use too!

We are using a lot of readers, both small and chapter books. We are using Even Moor Pocket books for worksheets and hands on activities. I have a subscription to TEACHER FILE BOX for 12.99 a month I can download as much as I like-- I use it ALOT! It has been well worth the 12.99 IMHO....

WEEK 1 --Pilgrims (1620)

We started with the Pilgrims and their voyage to the New WORLD.

Mayflower Adventure (chapter book)
Three Young Pilgrims
The Pilgrim Boy
Sarah Morton
If You Sailed on the Mayflower
N.C. Pilgrims
Samuel Eaton

We used Pilgrims- Evan Moore Pocket Folders, I printed out all the pocket books and we are using various parts of them over 3 weeks of Pilgrims.

Vocabulary- used the vocab out of the pocket folders but are also using pictures of people and dates along with places for a really good weekly review of our year.

We watched William Bradford (NEST Video)

We made a paper diorama of the Mayflower.

We are using the Light and the Glory, reader and color book.

Assignment for Week 1--

Read chap 6-7 of the Light and the Glory
Do worksheet page 21-22

Read Plymouth Pioneers (chapter book)

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