Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do your husbands read your blog?

Mine does...

I actually like that he does. I read a blog one day and the wife was complaining about her husband (I mean REALLY complaining) and I thought how sad, I wonder if he reads her blog. Then I thought maybe he doesn't and that is part of the bigger problem....

I digress.

I like that hubbie reads my blog. I actually like to watch him read it, I see the smile and know what part he got too. Or he stops and comments to me or asks a question. MY blog has sparked MANY conversations!

I TRY to not complain about hubbie on my blog..

1. He reads it.
2. I don't think you should.
3. You cant take it back once it has been hurled into cyber space!

I am not saying I NEVER complain about hubbie- I DO.

Mostly he is a wonderful hubbie! We have our "issues" as all husbands and wives do, but I love him.

Just tonight, when I could not fathom having to go to the grocery store, as it was after 8:30 already...... HE WENT FOR ME.


So do your husbands read your blog?

Oh better yet.. would they nix anything you wrote? :)


Brenda said...

Yes he does!

aneisa said...

I always make mine read my blogs and then ask him a hundred times if it sounded OK! LOL He puts up with me.....