Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ABC's of service projects...

Okay so service is on my mind. I have tried various things and really want to involve our family in service projects.

I want them to learn to give.

I want them to have a heart to give.

So I think the ABC's of service projects is this...

- Always think of what you can do for others

- Be ready to give at a moments notice

- See needs and meet them

Okay so I fudged on the "C" but I think you get my point...

I am going to take it a step farther!

We are going to ABC our way through this year with service projects!

This week we will begin our journey with a service project that starts with the letter "A"---

Attitude of giving.

I want my kids to give freely with sweet hearts.  I think they do when prompted but I simply do not prompt them enough.  I also have not done much of them giving their own stuff... I tend to buy things to give away.  Number one I think everyone deserves something new and number two I have often felt bad about "giving" used stuff away.  DON'T ASK ME WHY...

Anyway.  I have gotten much better at taking a box to the Salvation Army or wherever (sorry DAV- you are farther away- when it has to go it has to go!)  I used to literally throw IT AWAY!


So anyway, I want the kids to go through their stuff and find 5 items a piece to give away. 

Nothing broken, or too used.  Something they might even play with everyday.

GIVING OF THEMSELVES.  With a good attitude.

That's the plan, folks.

"B"--- Bringing snacks to a shelter. 
"C"--- caring for a friend. 
"D"---Doing a good deed with no return
"E"---everyone needs toothbrushes (handing out toothbrushes to the home less in area)
"F"---Fixing a meal for a family, just because.
"G"---Giving of our time, working on something that needs doing!
"H"---Help by giving food to a food pantry
"I"---I can change someones life by telling them about God- passing out tracts.
"J"---Just give up one thing you like, to give to others
"K"---keep an amount from our grocery fund to give to the Houston Food Bank
"L"---leave a note for someone, just to show you care
"M"---make a dessert to give out to the homeless people around our house
"N"---never think something little isn't enough.  bring beans and rice to a shelter
"O"---offer to keep a friends kids- just to be a blessing!
"P"---Pray for those around you!
"Q"---Quietly go about doing good... Do something nice... quietly!
"R"---Rarely do we go without-- go without something in order to give.
"S"---stop and spend some time to speak with someone you don't usually notice
"T"---touch a heart by doing a good deed
"U"---underneath everyone needs feel loved... do something for someone to make them feel special
"V"---view your heart by what God says--- read verses about giving and do a deed
"W"---Wait on someone else.  Be helpful. Be kind
"X"---Examine your motives--- do you like being told thank you?  Do a deed in secret.
"Y"---You can make a difference- ask those around to donate to a cause
"Z"---zeal for giving is what I hope you have achieved!  Come up with your own service project!


Brenda said...

We are open for F and O. :) Just kidding. Great list!!

aneisa said...

These blogs need "Like" buttons for posts! Like, like, like!!! :0)