Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap up- Week 5

This week for my weekly wrap up I am linking up to Weird Unsocialized Home Schoolers

This week was a weird week with having Labor Day. It always throws me off when Dave is off on a "week" day. Next week he is off both Monday and Tuesday... don't know how I'll manage! NO actually I am excited about him being off for two whole days! :)

So this weeks wrap up...

Saturday- we were peacefully sleeping in when all of a sudden a loudness began and did not stop for the next two hours. IT was my brother. Brian and Allison popped in for a visit and we went to a coffee shop

and to tour the little shops down on 19th street. WE had a lot of fun!

I was also able to drop off my boots at this shop to hopefully get them fixed!  It smelled so good in the shop... leather and shoe polish.  I used to love when my dad would polish his shoes. 
 He had this neat  wooden box and all the stuff inside the box- a brush and different colors of polish. 
 I just mostly remember the smell.

I picked up my boots today and I have fixed boots for the low, low cost of $4.87!!!  Whoo HOO!

Sunday - we had church. Dave is working on the sound booth (it is his calling in life) Matt is learning a lot too. I am sure it wont be long till Matt is running a board himself!

I know two pictures of myself, you should look up in the sky, you might see pigs.

We went over to Discovery Green to play for about an hour.

 Sunday night Dave went shooting and took Emily to Hal and Vickie's for a spend the night! She was SOOO excited!

Monday- we lazed around. Dave and I left Kate and Matt at home and went to lunch. We are trying this for right now. It worked well, everyone was fine. NO KIDS were harmed in this experiment. Our next door neighbors were told to be on the alert- they are awesome! Dave and I had a nice lunch, we were gone just under an hour and I really didn't worry that much. Good feeling!

Our bonus was Hal and Vickie bringing little one home and then staying to watch the kids so that we went out to eat alone for the second--- count that second time in one day! Actually this was planned, but still it was a wonderful day! We went to Salt Grass, shopped at charming Charlies and did a little grocery shopping!

Wont this look pretty with the above outfit!  :)
And this is just pretty!

Tuesday--- RAIN, Rain lots of Rain!

We stayed home and got loads of school and laundry done. Unlike those around me who lost power and went back to the pioneer days of cleaning kids room with NO electricity.... I was safe in my powered home with light, AC and a washer and dryer!

Wed-- We got a lot done, we started our ABC's of Service...caught up on Spelling by doing three lessons and caught up on grading math.  Emily worked on her handwriting scripture.

Kate started a new typing program called Scripture Typer- this is a wonderful FREE program.  You memorize scripture as you practice typing.  You can use their program OR you can type in your own scriptures.

 BUT i got a terrible headache, the kind where I shut the door to my room with NO lights on and laid there prone till Dave brought me medicine and a baked potato from Wendy's.

all better, well a lot better anyway.


A lot of laying around still.  But I did get to purge, after reading Brenda's post on purging and having read all the posts that Brenda read from Nesting Place... I am sooo wanting to PURGE!  I will show you the purge another day...

I wanted to  take time to have a tea party- we didn't get to it on Tuesday, but we didnt get to it Thursday either.  I think I will take turns on tea party days.  On Tuesdays we will focus on Tea Party patriots- learning about the Founding Fathers.  On Thursdays we will do poetry, classical music and great artist.  I am going to use poetry, music and art from our history time period.  Still working on my plan I will let you know when I get it all laid out.

Friday-- science, science and more science. 

We had a field trip to the health museum.

After the health museum we headed down to La Port to have science class.  We are working on the skeletal system!

We played the game Skeletons In the Closet!  The kids really had a good time building their skeletons!  They knew almost all the answers!

We did our experiment with chicken wings, to find out about a bone that is close enough to our own that we can study it.  The kids cleaned all the meat off the bone and examined it.  They broke in two the smaller of the bones to "see" the inside.  We are finishing the experiment by putting the larger bone in vinegar for a while so that the "acid" can break down the bone making it easier to break.

LOVE this picture!

And we ended our week at the park waiting to pick up daddy from work--- to start my weekend long birthday celebration!

I really, really like this photo of the kids...


Ellen said...

Looks like a great week (except for the headache part -- I can commiserate)! Loads of fun going on. I especially like the Skeletons in the Closet game!

Brenda said...

I love that picture too but B's hair is looking a little too much like H's hair!!! :)

OK If it was pioneer days my kids would not HAVE a room to clean!!!! Ah....(looking off dreamily...)

Your skirt is gorgeous.

And oh my goodness Scripture Typer???? I'm going to look at it rightnow!!!

Sherry said...

Love your new jewelry! And thank you so much for the link for the Scripture typer! I've bookmarked it for Em to try out!


Chick Hatchers said...

I will have to look into Scripture Typer - it looks like it's right up our alley! Thanks for stopping by my blog during weekly wrap-up.

Monica said...

Wow... what a fun week (except for the headache)! Love the skeletons. My daughter has to color her handwriting sheet before she writes the verse too. She like to take about an hour though.. hummm.

See Jamie blog said...

Don't you just love boots? And getting them fixed for under $5?

I plan to look into that Scripture Typer, too, so thanks for the link!