Sunday, September 5, 2010

ABC's of ME...

A-anxious (working on this)
B- beautiful children
C- cautious
D-didn't kiss anyone till my hubbie!
E-eats when stressed
F-feels unimportant a lot of times
G-gets happy with little things!
I-imagination abounds!
J-jokes about weight!
K-keeps her family going
L-likes to blog!
M-money manager of the family
N-never been to jury duty
P- persistent
Q- quick at simple math
R- really loves diet coke
S-simple tastes most of the time
T-tired a lot of the time
U- under stress, sometimes
V- values life
W- wants good things for her family
X- xtra special is how I like to do things
Y- yearly trip to Garner is important
Z- zest for living

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