Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American history Week 4 and 5

Week 4

We did a paper on William Penn.

This is a statue of William Penn above the city hall in Philadelphia.

We finished reading Squanto Friend of the Pilgrim

We colored a picture of Squanto

We had the kids do their presentation on states.

We did our book work in The Light and the Glory.

We watched Drive Thru History- it started with Columbus so we went ahead and watched the whole thing just to refresh our memory- plus it was interesting.

I watched 1492- which is also a very interesting movie. Apparently not completely accurate but really give you a feel of the time period and era.

The kids were also give the assignment to read Queen Annes War


We had history last week and we finished up Pilgrims and did a Time line on what we had studied up till then and we added all the different wars going on in the 123 year time line form 1620-1763. We talked about religious freedome and all that was happening up to this point that will take us into the WHY we have the laws and goverment that we do.

We made pilgrim skirts and finally got to use our pilgrim hats!

This little girls did their presentations on Arkansas and Arizona.

We watched THE MOUSE ON THE MAYFLOWER--- it had not come in the mail previously.

We talked about:

Roger Williams
Anne Hutchinson
The Salem Witch Trials (we glazed over this)
King Phillips War
Queen Annes War
King Williams War
beginning slavery
tea and beginning taxation from the British
beginning of the French and Indian War-- this was four wars combined ending with the Treaty of Paris

This week in history we are going to finish watching Drive thru history- up to where we are in history.
We will continue working on The Light and the Glory
We will finish up talking about Pilgrims and cont. talking about how we are working up to the Revolution.
We will start on Ben Franklin.

We will continue with our states.

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