Monday, September 13, 2010


No I am not saying goodbye to blogging! Just to certain foods. As of tomorrow I have to get back on the band wagon!

We fell jumped off a few weeks ago and have been hanging with our foot caught in a rope tied to the back of the wagon for a at least two weeks! Trying to get back on but not having the strength willpower to pull ourselves back up!

So Today marks the end of my 4 day birthday celebration festivities... back to real life!

In honor of my last bite binge, free for all, we are having ice cream for breakfast.

This is dual purposed...

1. we have some left from last night and since we never waste food--- we need to finish it off so we don't have it around anymore!

2.  we are total health nuts and always try to find ways to incorporate some calcium in our diet to fortify our bones in order to hold us up better!

3. because every now and then ya gotta break out of rules, molds, conformity etc and just shock your kids!  Do it, it's fun!

So anyway, Emily wouldn't wake up earlier and wasn't convinced we were having ice cream for breakfast so Matt made her a bowl to convince her... she got up fast!

We are headed to my sisters to have a cousin day!  We also have an old friend who recently started home schooling coming over too so it should be fun!  We plan on a few more last bites continued binge eating, for example we are having Chick Fil La nuggets for lunch and Tutti Fruitti Yogurt for after lunch AND we get to go out to dinner!  Wow!~ 

Thank you Vickie for my birthday money-
1. I bought a beautiful FALL candle set (I will show you later)
2. I bought the new Clive Cussler -  I've been reading this series since I got married- Dave sucked me in
3. I bought Emily a new shirt (because I wanted too- it was so cute)
4. I plan to also spend about $12.00 on ITUNES for some new TUNES I love!
4. AND we get to go out to dinner and to Tutti Fruitti!

SO YEAH, for bonus birthday money!

This has been the greatest birthday weekend ever!!

But like I said back to reality and the bandwagon tomorrow!

I'll give you a weight update soon but NOT TODAY!  :)


Brenda said...

OK, first of all, your birthday is NOT Mardi Gras. :)

Also, about #3....that night the dog barked all night? My kids got chocolate cupcakes for breakfast. All I could hear was Bill Cosby..."mom is great! Give us the chocolate cake!"

Happy Birthday!!!

School for Us said...

Hi, Carrie. Thanks for the comment on my blog about Methusaleh. I read that, too, and started to post it (about his name) but was too lazy to look up what I'd read exactly. I should have! I think it was "after me, judgement comes." Anyway, it is really neat and I learned so much!

If you read my latest post (from last night), I've been losing weight, too. It's a lot harder for me to 'diet', but I'm doing that, too! Eating healthier, etc. But, I'm also running. It feels great! Though it is hard to make time for.