Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Which way do you want?

A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish
woman tears it down with her own hands.
 Proverbs 14:1

Yesterday I was reading this in my daily Proverbs reading.  I really think it cuts to the absolute core of what happens with us silly woman. 

This is building my HOME:

I have placed God at the center of all I do.
I put my husband first.
I stand in the gap for my children.
I am a keeper of the home.
I home school my children.
I carry out the household management that my husband has asked of me.

But too often it is this.

This is tearing down my HOME:

I replace my thoughts for Gods thought and lead myself.
I put my husband after the needs of the kids or myself.
I let my children flail along for themselves- being devoured!
I do not keep my home, things are in disarray and unmanaged.
I fail at being wise with time and being consistent with their education.
I mismanage the household and cause more problems.

It is not what my heart wants, but I just simply do not always follow where my heart leads.  I give in to my sinful nature... In Proverbs 15 it is verse after verse about ...the tongue!  I so often tear down my house because of my problem with my tongue! 

I want:

to have a gentle answer that deflects anger. Pr 15:1
to have the tongue of the wise that makes learning exciting. Pr 15:2
to have gentle words that are a tree of life. Pr 15:4
to be a wise woman who gives Godly advice. Pr 15:7
to have a glad heart to lift spirits Pr 15:13
to have a happy heart and see good. Pr 15:15
to be a person who does not start fights. Pr 15:18
to have wise people to ask advice. Pr 15:22
to have a fitting reply. Pr 15:23
to think carefully before speaking. Pr 15:28
to have a cheerful look that brings joy. Pr 15: 30
to hear constructive criticism. Pr 15:31
to not reject correction but to grow in understanding. Pr 15:32
to have a respect for God and grow in wisdom and humility. Pr 15:33

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