Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Wrap Up---Week 4

Gosh have we only been schooling 4 weeks?  Seems like MUCH longer?  I have gone back through my posts and I realize that I didnt even wrap up our 2nd week?  How did I miss that?  OH WELL....

I meant to put this in last week's wrap up but I forgot it.  We read a great story in FLL, it was about a Camel who eventually got his way and ended up booting his master out of his own tent.  The moral of the story is "don't let the nose into the tent, because the rest will surely follow", it means to not let one bad habit start or others will follow or don't let one bad friend into your circle of friend ship because he will turn the whole pack bad, or basically that if you do a little bit of something it will turn into a lot, very easily! I really liked the story and have already referenced it twice to the kids since reading it!

Here is Kaitlin's drawing of it...

Don't let the nose into the tent... or the rest will surely follow!

Okay so for Week 3

Monday we got great school work done! 

 I was using All about Spelling Level 1 with Matt and Emily and doing All About Spelling 2 with Kate, but I am just doing Level 1 with all of them.  We are going to go through it pretty quickly though, then we will move onto Level 2.

We has history at our house, we are covering a lot during our two hours!  I am so excited about what we are doing!  We tried Hasty Pudding! 

On Tuesday, mom came over to do school with the kids while I went to work out!  It was awesome!  I intend to work out on every Tuesday  for the most part.  I am also going to try to go Wed evening after church and on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Other than that I don't know how much I can work in!  We will see!

I had to take Dave to drop the Suburban off at the shop, yuck.

So the kids did pretty good work for mom and then when I got back we did some history, science and spelling.

Emily had gymnastics and did even BETTER this week!  YEAH.

Wednesday we took the whole day off from school.  I DIDN'T FEEL GUILTY ONCE!  I planned to be off, I worked my school schedule around it and it was awesome.  NO guilt!

I went and got my hair cut, did some errands, met a friend for a birthday dinner and then church!

Thursday - we only got basics done and I had every intention of doing more when we got home from an activity BUT I popped a Midol and laid down--- it was just one of those kind of evenings!  I got up at 7:00 and had the kids do the rest of the chores and we did a little more work but not much!    I am behind in Bible and Latin, which annoys me. We are doing school work on Saturday and this is NON NEGOTIABLE.  I am hoping to just get back on track.

BTW... The Suburban is being put to rest.  We are bringing her home tomorrow and parking her in the driveway for now.  May she rest in peace.  She has truly been a blessing to us and she has been my FAVORITE vehicle ever.  I have fought getting rid of her, I just keep wanting to "fix" the little things, but they have added up to TOO MUCH.  So that being said we are back to a one car family.  We will see how this works.  I am trying not to think about it right now, so I will think about it later. 

Tomorrow is another day!---Scarlett O'Hara

Friday-  We had history at Amy's, we are still working on Pilgrims!

A few thoughts about if zones and chores are working out for me,  as of Thursday at 7:38 p.m. I would say an unqualified NO. I have been very frustrated this week with chores and zones.

It all boils down to 95% me and 5% children.

The 95% that is me...

We are not waking up early.

I am not reminding the kids.

I am not giving them enough time before school.

I am not having any consequence if a chore or zone is not complete, so the kids are not taking them seriously.

I am not checking to make sure they are complete.

It is simply not a habit yet, I know this will take time for both parties.

5% that is kids

They are simply not doing as they are asked.

Simple jobs are taking them MUCH longer due to messing around.

They are not taking me serious that it has to be done.

Okay so maybe my percentages are off a little BUT the point is that the zones CAN WORK, but I am not using them properly and therefore getting poor results.

So I hopefully can report by next week wrap up that we have much better results.

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