Sunday, September 5, 2010

Five green and speckled frogs...

We did this weeks ago but I had it in the drafts folder... so here it is! 

Our frog unit.

 We kindof did it faster than I would have liked but I was sooo behind that I just simply cut a lot of stuff out!  But hey they learned about frogs... okay!

So we did a lap book and I used the AWESOME resources at Home school Share, Squidoo and also found a few free lancers!

We read a few books, I think I have mentioned before how much I despise the library during the summer!  There are NEVER any books on the shelf... so I couldn't get a lot that I needed and the inter library loan is taking a little bit longer these days since they have cut back on their hours.   FRUSTRATION!

Anyway.  We learned the difference between frogs and toads.  We learned about a frogs life cycle.  We played leapfrog. We baked froggy cookies!  We learned the Speckled frog song and we watched the Prince of Egypt to see a plague of frogs!  We went to visit Pet smart to see some frogs--- we just couldn't make it to the zoo!  We also did a few frog crafts and read the Princess and the Frog- the Grimm's Fairy Tale version!

Kaitlin and Matthew worked on a Frog story....

Emily worked on printing F's, playing Leaf Frog and watching the Leapfrog Math video which she still just loves!

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