Thursday, September 30, 2010


Okay, so becoming increasingly frustrated with the kids and their chores. So much easier when I did it myself and I got mad at them for doing it, now I get mad at them for doing it and mad at them for not cleaning it up.

Double mad.

So this is no way to live, right?

Double great idea.

I am going to revamp ticket, zone, chore system.

We are taking away ALL privileges. The only rights they have are like breathing.

No really we are taking away electronics, extra reading time, Lego play, outside time, extra curricular activities, eating out privileges and free play time.

They can have all these wonderful things but for the next 3 weeks during our BOOT CAMP, they are gonna earn it!

Each chore/ zone/ or responsibility will be SPECIFICALLY written out.

Once done they will earn a ticket for each chore/ zone or responsibility they do.

THESE tickets will buy their freedom. But IT WILL NOT BE CHEAP.


So brush your teeth, ticket.
Sweep the floor, ticket.
Put your plate away after a meal, ticket.

No I should not have to give a ticket for all these things BUT apparently

I am breaking up their chores to Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Zones will be completed in the morning.

I am pushing back starting school until 10:00 but we are going to be walking in the morning AND completing all morning chores and zones.

Will this work perfectly, NO I am not so naive to think that it will. BUT it will give me a purposed time to work on the skills, or LACK of skills.

So let the games begin...

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aneisa said...

I LOVE your ideas! And it's ok to crack down on kids until they develop new habits. My mom used to pick up our things at the end of the day and we had to buy them back with our allowances. My sister had to buy her toothbrush every day, I swear! LOL