Thursday, September 16, 2010

To purge or not to purge...

okay what are your thoughts on certain "things" that
I want to purge.

I want to get rid of a bunch of books, but I might need them.. do I keep them or just buy them again when and if I need them in a bunch of years!

Scrap book pages... I have a ton of scrap book pages, I want to scan them in and have them actually printed out into nice books. I don't need EVERY page that I scrap booked because well seriously do we need to remember the first time Kate had an Oreo? SERIOUSLY. So after I scan them in... i throw them away? That hurts my heart a little BUT i will have the pictures still!

board games... do you keep all your board games, I mean we have a lot that we just do not play, should I just get rid of them? they take up a LOT of space and I could use that space for other stuff!

I am purging clothes, night clothes etc and I want to go down to 10 outfits each for the kids, now truthfully I don't know that we have many more than 10 complete outfits, I don't think Kaitlin actually has 10! But we have extra shirts, sweaters, multiple jackets etc. Should I get rid of them and JUST keep 10 complete outfits? one light jacket, one heavy coat, 2 or 3 night clothes????

Do you have a hard time giving away something that was a gift? I didn't think I did but I have a few things that I am vacillating on...

Then there is the "I might possible need this in the future" category. I mean we have a bunch of THINGS that we really don't ever use BUT we might! I mean I have a drawer full of STUFF, I think I open it every few months, MAYBE once a month and scrounge for something but most of it stays where it is... waiting, just waiting to be used!

In the meantime.. the things I am not questioning are flying like hotcakes! 
Whoo hoo... freedom from stuff!


Brenda said...

OK. not get rid of pictures. Not of your family anyway. Those are precious and can't be taking up boxes and boxes of space, right?

Books. Unless it's out of print or hard to find or something you will be able to find it again. And by then it will probably be an e-book anyway.

Yes get rid of the board games. I've seen yours and you have too many. :)ha!

Clothes. I have this dilemna too. I've heard: 10 go to town things, 5 every day things, and 3 or 4 church things and 2 pair pajamas. Look at their stuff. Do they even wear it? Ask them why too. Sometimes I have kept a shirt that was beautiful and they said, "I don't wear that b/c it always falls off my shoulder" or something weird like that. One mom (one of the 4 moms 35 kids) lays all the clothes out in a room and has her kids go shopping. She tells them how many to shop for. I LOVE that idea!!!

Homeschool Blog Parade said...

I have a very small house, and no storage so I struggle with this. I am purging clothes but for curriculum I like I am making "grade" boxes where I put everything for 1st grade in a tubberware box so that whatever I buy is an investment since I have 6 kids to get through school.