Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boot Camp update...

Well, it is working and not working..

Here is what IS working...

1.  I have them lay our their zone notebooks on the dryer- I can see what is being done or what needs to be done simply by glancing over at it.  MUCH BETTER!

2.  I split up the chores into morning/afternoon/ evening...MUCH better.  I really like this although I still need to tweak a few chores that should be done at a different time, but that just means reprinting the list.

3.  I moved school time to 10:00- this is my FAVORITE change.  SO MUCH LESS stress!  I really do like it, we are waking up at about the same time but they are getting everything done by 9:00 or 9:15 so that leaves us 45 min till school start.  One day I simply started early, no problem.

We can go walk, or I can spend the time getting something done... it is our DO THINGS TIME-- I love it.

If Emily gets her chores and stuff done nicely I have been giving her 30 privileges time---today she went outside to play, but came back in because she is tired and doesn't feel good. I think I will put her on the porch with the laptop and a movie later-- she needs to be outside.

So this is MUCH BETTER!

4.  Tickets- I am not taking the time to hand out for each thing so we are doing it as we sit down for school and later that evening.  They are probably NOT getting a ticket for each thing they do, but I am giving some privileges that they don't have to "pay" for, so it makes up for it.

I like the ticket thing but hate doing it for every little thing- I know I could NOT,or would NOT do this long term so I am glad I called this a 30 day boot camp! 


1.  I am still having to check on their chores being done and they are Not ALWAYS doing them.  More, yes but not all the time.  So I guess we ARE making strides but we have about half the month to go.

2.  Tickets- like I said handing them out for every little thing each time it is done is just simply not happening.  But I catch up and the kids seem happy with that.

3.  I was doing the dishes and Kate was unloading, NOW Kate is doing the dishes and Matt is unloading... this is not always done as timely as I would like.  So I have found myself playing catch up between their jobs, which is fine but just not as planned... I also have to ask IS THIS CLEAN OR DIRTY.  I would get a sign but the problem is Kaitlin- she loads and doesn't start it much less putting a sign up!  SOOO we told her she has to get mom /dad to check to see if it is loaded properly before starting... it is working nicely because for some reason she remembers to check?

4.  normal routine stuff- we are still having a problem with normal getting dressed for the day.  SO I made a large sign that I am putting on the mirror and they will simply have to check off what they did. I am hoping this is not long term--- simply forming a habit thing.  We shall see.  It is really frustrating because it is NOT as if they haven't been doing these things for years NOW!    some of the problem was simply timing- we were not getting up at the same time, getting ready at the same time, doing a routine.  So I am hoping by this boot camp that we form the routine, and get things DONE!

I will update again at the end of boot camp...what do you do for these things?

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aneisa said...

SIR YES SIR!! :0) Keep up the good work Mama!!