Monday, October 11, 2010

So I brought home this..

Okay I am going to post on my purge tomorrow and give you an update of all that is done, which is ALOT.  I am NOT done and in addition to what I have ALREADY gone through.. I want you to see what I brought home from the "school room" in Arcola to GO THROUGH and place or purge!

Yes... ALL THOSE BOXES.  12 plus 5 various crates FULL of Stuff.  (hey Brenda there are MORE games in here)

But the GOOD news is... there is an end in sight.  Although I think the end is really a BEND in the road and there really is no end..right!  It is a continual process.

The good thing is that even as much work as this has been, I feel good about what I have done.  I feel like I am accomplishing A LOT and really getting things in order around here!  After I finish going through everything and organizing or purging, I am going to have to spend a few days just deep cleaning because it is all surface cleaning right now!


Brenda said...

Wait a minute. YOu had a whole other school room of stuff????

Mommy of Two said...

School supplies make me smile :) Feel free to send whatever my way, or you can bring it to little rock!

Carrie Thompson said...

Um, Yes.

I know it is very, very sad.

It was a building (air conditioned, taped floated and painted a pretty yellow) 4 foot outside the door of my house in Arcola.

It was about the size of your (now) play room, but longer.


YES I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie Thompson said...

Sarah- I have at least two boxes of misc stuff, some supplies and a few other things... coming your way!

Mommy of Two said...

Yay :)