Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scripture Memorization and other important things to memorize...

"Wise people store up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction."  Proverbs 10:14

I am bad at memorizing.  The kids and I do memory work almost EVERY day.  After weeks I still need to look at the cards and the kids have it down PAT!  It is very frustrating to me, but I have purposed in my heart that I will work on it AND that I will make sure my kids do too!  I believe that the more they memorize now the easier it might be for them down the road.  I also believe that they need to work those little memorizing muscles!

I am struggling right now with a lot of "thoughts".. I KNOW how important Scripture Memorization and have another post I am working on in regards to that specific subject, this post is about our system and the fact that memorization period is important-- but I am in NO way lessening the importance of Scripture memorization!

So I had a list that we worked on and used it for the last two years, I stopped over the summer for the most part and picked back up when we started school... it was a combo of a lot things I had seen. I have added and adjusted it some of course, it was a good list  BUT.... we weren't reviewing it, so enter a system!

Charlotte Mason Scripture Memorization

I am now using this system but have adapted it not only for our scripture but to use with any poems, vocab or other thing we are working on memorizing.

So far it is working well.

You have to set it up, which is always a headache but once done... a joy!

You have a bunch of files:
an every day file---these are current trying to still memorize
an even day file
an odd day file
each day of the week
a number for each day of the month

As you memorize things they get moved through the files until you only REVIEW them once a month.  So you go from daily to basically every other day, to weekly and finally to monthly. Everything gets reviewed at some point throughout the month!  You could add scriptures or poems you learned in other years into the monthly days and just go over it every once in a while!

In our TO be memorized daily we have: (so we are almost finished with these and they will move down the line)

The Star by Jane Taylor
Gen 28:15
Luke 6:41
Phil 3:14
conjugation song and definition
Psalms 139:13-14

In addition today we will do:

Books of the Bible (Gen-Song of Songs)
Phil 4:13
Pronouns list

alertness (definition of character trait)

Using sit/ set

Here are some blogs talking about importance of memorization:

***disclaimer, I am not vouching for biblical accuracy in any of these posts, they are merely a few out of the many I found speaking to the importance of memorization.  Please read them only in context without researching for yourself any biblical validity.***

A Virtuous Woman
In Defense of Memorization
    of course memorization is a kind of exercise that strengthens the powers of the mind, just as physical exercise strengthens those of the body."
Simple Home school
Jeannie Fulbright
Weird Unsocialized Home schoolers
Bible Nuggets

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Mommy of Two said...

I agree that memorization is important and it's also neat when you're with a group or in church and you know the scripture off the top of your head :)

Also, just a thought here with my psych studies and stuff, a lot of people (myself included) have a hard time memorizing things and it can simply have to do with your brain and how you process things. If you're distracted then the text you're memorizing won't make it to your long term memory. Kids for some reason retain more information, maybe because mom is making them concentrate and taking the distractions out?

Sorry, I'm really enthusiastic about my 'new knowledge'. I can't wait to start my career!