Monday, October 18, 2010

Kids room update--- a work in progress!

Okay, my SD card is in the wind right now... I cant find it and I think it must have fallen out at Kaitlin's game? Sooooo I only have shots from the IPHONE--

We got Matt and Emily's beds from IKEA on Friday night. We still dont have a mattress for Matt so he is on the couch still but we are moving in the right direction! We actually plan on buying Kaitlin a new, better mattress and giving Matt the mattress Kate had. We just gotta wait on this a while unfortunately!

We got Emily a new rug and Kate picked out her bedspread from Target. We got pretty good deals on both but we are going to wait to do any more decor for a while.

 Emily has very excitedly setup her baby stuff--I love her playing house and just PLAYING, nurturing... I just love it! She has all her books on the shelf, a basket for stuffed animals and a basket for dress up clothes! Dave had the wonderful idea to face the drawers INTO the "play are". Very smart!

So here is the girls "new" room. Kate is going to probably get a small stand of some kind to fit right between her bed and book case to hold a lamp. We also measured the back of the book case to put a corkboard on it for Kates side-- cute, useful and fairly cheap fix to an ugly back!

Kates shelves need some work and some of this will end up in a "under the bed" storage situation-- but again waiting. Some of it will also go in her closet which we need another shelf for.

Emily is waiting for buckets for her shelf, I have a few white ones... but I want it to look cute and matchy! SO I think I am going to scour thrift stores for boxy baskets and spray pain them all white, and do the same for kates shelf! again this will take some time so waiting


Matt got a new rug from Ikea too...he was really funny in the store. He was carrying the rug and suddenly he said "do I look funny carrying this?" After a few minutes of this conversation we realized he meant is this a baby rug, do I look like a baby... we assured him it was okay to pick out adn carry a car rug- Daddy reminded him that we have LEGOS on our wall!

This is Matts new Lego holder, we already had the metal frame and two baskets, so we bought the other baskets and got rid of three huge baskets on his floor!  I LOVE ORGANIZATION!

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