Saturday, October 16, 2010

Full Day...

I am exhausted.

We worked VERY hard on the house today, got the kids beds from IKEA.

We moved stuff around, cleaned out ALL of Emily's stuff- which is the last of the toys to go through (scratch that off the list)

Made our self go shopping for jeans... Matt and Dave had ZERO jeans and of course need a pair, so we set off to find them jeans. I also needed a pair because my very last of the MOSTEST FAVORITE JEANS IN THE WORLD that cannot be found again are worn out! There is a hole in one knee, highlighter stain on the other knee and finally a hole in the unmentionables which is how worn they were! So we ALL found a pair after 3 hours of shopping and trying on!

For a bonus Dave and I got hoodies from JC Pennys and two polo's that were on clearance to 5.97... what a steal for St. Johns Bay!!!

Kate and Emily only got two long sleeve tees which will stretch all the tshirts they have and LIKE... into the Fall! YEAH!

SO besides a pair of black church shoes and maybe another shirt for Kate to go with her blue jean skirt.. we are set for a while! Wah HOO!

I really HATE spending money on clothes! I am a resale shopper and thrift store girl.... and I have gotten TONS of deals. But Dave and I have to shop- NOT at thrift stores for the most part because of size (which we are working on!) and boys jeans at thrift stores are MOSTLY too worn out!

Anyway... no pictures tonight (I am too tired to load them right now) but tomorrow I will update you on the kids room, full of pics!

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